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Spectra Registers With FDA For Nonperishable Food Service

SUMMARY: In a move that promises to greatly expand its potential list of services for its clients, Spectra, a 3PL fulfillment company based in South… Read More

Spectra Improves Mailing Process For Client Projects

SUMMARY: Over its decades of service as a trusted 3PL partner, Spectra has given organizations in a wide variety of different industries access to great… Read More

New E-Commerce Platform Enhances Spectra Storefronts

SUMMARY: As a leader in third-party fulfillment, Spectra gives its clients the power to present professional, streamlined, and highly efficient online storefronts to its end… Read More

Large National Client Partners With Spectra For Fulfillment

SUMMARY: Fulfillment is one of the critical areas of expertise for many organizations, yet it is an incredibly complex area to master. Rather than building… Read More

Spectra Welcomes NEW 3PL Client Armadillo Tough

SUMMARY: As e-commerce becomes more convenient and continues to occupy an even more significant percentage of the retail space, Spectra, a South Carolina based 3PL… Read More

New Team Members Boost Spectra’s Capacity

SUMMARY: With client projects increasing and the busiest quarter of the year quickly approaching, Spectra has added two new members to its team in order… Read More

Spectra Adds New Shipping Platform To Workflow

SUMMARY: With its many years of experience in the fulfillment industry, and having successfully met difficult challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic related labor and… Read More

New Envelope Press Increases Value For Clients

SUMMARY: Throughout each year, Spectra upgrades its print facility in order to make sure its clients enjoy the best of what modern technology has to… Read More

Start Print Projects For The Upcoming School Year Now

SUMMARY: As a provider of integrated print and outsourced fulfillment services, Spectra conducts a significant amount of activity with organizations connected with the educational industry…. Read More

Spectra Builds Large Format Printing Capabilities

SUMMARY: Spectra is a 3PL fulfillment provider based in South Carolina, offering expertise in both print and distribution for clients of all types and sizes…. Read More

Custom Ordering Sites Improve User Experience

SUMMARY: As a longstanding provider of 3PL services for B2B clients, Spectra places a priority on helping those clients present the best possible experience to… Read More

Seasonal Marketing Success Depends On Vendor Relationships

SUMMARY: With summer quickly approaching, many companies are preparing for the increased shopping, dining, traveling, and hospitality related activities that come along with the season…. Read More

Spectra’s SOC 2 Type II Certification Expands Opportunities

SUMMARY: As a third party logistics provider based in South Carolina and serving clients throughout the United States, Spectra places a high priority on data… Read More

New Inserting Machine Supports Mailing Accuracy At Spectra

SUMMARY: With regular partnerships with healthcare, government, and other organizations that demand high levels of mailing accuracy and privacy, Columbia, SC-based Spectra has always maintained… Read More

Spectra Will Become SOC 2 Type II Certified In Early 2023

SUMMARY: Given the nature of the organizations that they work with, Spectra, a South Carolina based print and fulfillment services provider, places a very high… Read More

Seasonal Print Materials Critical In Marketing Campaigns

SUMMARY: The best marketing campaigns are those that succeed in staying current and speaking in a relevant voice to audiences. An enormous part of that… Read More

Increased Fulfillment Expectations Extend To B2B Applications

SUMMARY: One of the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the e-commerce space has been a high level of expectation on the part of… Read More

Ongoing M&A Trends Increase Need for B2B Fulfillment

SUMMARY: One of the most significant trends in the economy in recent years is increased mergers and acquisitions, as large regional and national corporations purchase… Read More

Pressure Seal Mailing Offers Benefits For Spectra Clients

SUMMARY: As a print and order fulfillment services provider that is dedicated to offering today’s best options to its clients, Spectra, headquartered in Columbia, South… Read More

Easing Supply Chain Issues Decrease Delivery Times

SUMMARY: One of the most visible consequences of shutdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic has been delays in shipping nearly all types of materials. Even… Read More

Spectra Ensures Compliance With Highly Secure Mailings

SUMMARY: Data security is the top area of importance for any company that provides print and mailing services, and Spectra makes it a priority within… Read More

Renewed Interest In Print Materials Increases Book Demand

SUMMARY: While recent decades have seen a wholesale move from physical to digital in nearly all professions, some fields are now seeing a moderation of… Read More

Spectra Combats Ongoing Paper Supply Shortages

SUMMARY: Spectra, a full service fulfillment provider based in Columbia and North Charleston, South Carolina, features a print facility equipped with advanced machines to offer… Read More

Spectra Achieves SOC 2 HIPAA Certification

SUMMARY: As a print and fulfillment company serving organizations in a wide variety of industries, Spectra prioritizes the pursuance of numerous certifications. These certifications grant… Read More

Spectra Relocates North Charleston Fulfillment Center

SUMMARY: In 2020, during the most uncertain days of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Spectra opened its second fulfillment center in North Charleston. Having experienced strong… Read More

Spectra Celebrates A Year Of Growth

SUMMARY: Since the company’s founding in 2002, Spectra has focused on continuous growth and improvement. Whether by constantly updating its print facility with the newest… Read More

Spectra Adds Hard Cover Production Capability

SUMMARY: For many years, customers based both in South Carolina and elsewhere around the United States have enjoyed the consistent high quality of printing available… Read More

Aunt Laurie’s – Spectra Partnership

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Laurie Brown Office: 843-415-8230 Email: Aunt Laurie’s New Fulfillment Partnership Announcement – November 1, 2021 Laurie Brown, founder and owner… Read More

Spectra Maintains Stringent Data Security Procedures For Clients

SUMMARY: As a provider of HIPAA compliant mailing services for clinical trial recruitment and other activities in the healthcare space, Spectra observes stringent policies to… Read More

Spectra Offers New Metallic Ink For Print Projects

SUMMARY: Spectra, a fulfillment company that provides the full range of supply chain services from printing to shipping, has always set itself apart from the… Read More

Spectra Boosts Packaging Game With New Shrink Wrap Machine

SUMMARY: Spectra, a fully integrated fulfillment services provider based in South Carolina, continues to build the power and quality of its print facility with the… Read More

Spectra Adds Komfi Amiga 52 to Print Facility

SUMMARY: Spectra, a fulfillment provider based in Columbia, SC with a secondary facility in North Charleston, has added a Komfi Amiga 52 laminator to its… Read More

Spectra Adopts Magento to Power E-Commerce Services

SUMMARY:Spectra, a full printing and fulfillment services provider based in Columbia, South Carolina, has adopted Magento for the support of its e-commerce services. Magento, an… Read More

Spectra Strengthens its HIPAA Compliant Practices

SUMMARY: Spectra, a comprehensive printing and fulfillment center based in South Carolina, offers HIPAA compliant printing and mailing services. These services are invaluable for organizations… Read More

Spectra Opens New Fulfillment Center in North Charleston, South Carolina

SUMMARY: Spectra, a printing and fulfillment services company headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, has opened a second facility in North Charleston. The new center is… Read More

Spectra Adds HP Indigo 7900 to Print Facility

SUMMARY: Spectra, a South Carolina based full-service fulfillment center with a powerful in-house print facility, is increasing both the capacity and quality of its print… Read More