Print And Dropship And Print On Demand Fulfillment Company

Print and dropship and Print on demand is a service that has not historically been cost-effective or practical for most companies, given the time and quality limitations of traditional print equipment. But with the development of digital print technology and more streamlined fulfillment systems, a print on demand fulfillment company can now get materials produced and shipped out with an incredibly fast turnaround time–all while saving money on the part of the client. Spectra has perfected this system, with an advanced in-house print facility and a state-of-the-art fulfillment center with a print and drop system combined in a single operation. Read on to learn how print on demand eliminates the need for storing extra inventory and discarding unused materials after they become obsolete.

Advantages of a Print on Demand Fulfillment Company

The biggest advantage of using Spectra  as your organization’s print on demand fulfillment company can be summarized in one word: inventory. There has always been a notorious yet unavoidable expense associated with keeping enough inventory of printed materials on hand to send out to end users–that is, the cost of printing those materials is hardly ever matched by the revenue that comes in when they are purchased by customers.

Printed materials, particularly in the area of marketing, quickly go out of date and are discarded, meaning that any extra inventory must be written off as wasted. However, neglecting to keep sufficient stock on the shelves creates the risk of shipping delays when unexpected large orders are placed and the printer must print a new run of materials. Print on demand, powered by digital equipment and directly linked with an efficient fulfillment chain, solves both issues.

Partnership With a Print on Demand Fulfillment Company

When you work with a print on demand fulfillment company like Spectra , you have the option to submit your designs, establish the parameters for your project, and then have our advanced print facility actually print the materials when they are ordered by your end users. With multiple lightning-fast digital production presses and decades of printing experience represented among our expert staff, Spectra is able to produce your materials on demand and fill your orders quickly. Best of all, you only pay for the exact number of pieces that you need to ship, rather than producing inventory that may or may not ever be used.

High Quality Materials

At Spectra , speed in printing and shipping does not mean compromising on quality. Our print facility features two HP Indigo digital production presses, a 7800 and the new industry-leading 7900, which offers new specialty ink options and incredibly detailed (micron-level) quality assurance powered by AI. From direct mail marketing to employee handbooks to custom book printing and everything in between, our facility is the ideal resource for organizations across the United States that need top quality materials as soon as possible.

The efficiency and high quality digital printing available at Spectra make us a top destination for trade printing. Printers around the state regularly contact us when a project requires the rare, specialized capabilities that our advanced equipment offers.

Why Spectra as Your Print and Dropship and Print on Demand Fulfillment Company?

Working with a print on demand fulfillment company could be one of the most important moves that your business makes for its future growth. The ability to produce printed materials very quickly, only when needed, and without the unpredictable expense of keeping inventory on hand is a significant advantage over competitors. It also makes it possible for you to reallocate those resources to more profitable areas, driving growth for your business rather than worrying about meeting the demand for printed materials.

Spectra is the SC leader in outsourced print and fulfillment services. For almost 20 years we have helped companies achieve more growth than they thought possible by providing them with a fully developed, incredibly efficient, technology-based fulfillment department with print and dropship services that work closely with their team to serve their customers.

You can learn more about Spectra and the many cost-saving benefits of working with a print on demand fulfillment company with quality print and dropship services by contacting us directly. Use our live chat, email us, or call us directly to talk with an expert and find out how print on demand can change the way your company thinks about fulfillment. New opportunities are waiting–make Spectra   your print and fulfillment services partner and find out just how great those opportunities are.

Contact Spectra today and let us help you and your customers with superior printed products.

Choose a Leading Print on Demand Fulfillment Company

State-Of-The-Art Technology for Print on Demand and Dropshipping

HP Indigo™ 7R Digital Printing

Spectra uses cutting-edge technology that delivers the best in print quality. By partnering with HP Indigo™, we provide you with quality that exceeds your expectations.

The Benefits of Using HP Indigo™ 7R Digital Printing

  • High coverage
  • The HP Indigo™ 7R works with a variety of substrates.
    • Various weights
    • Coated or uncoated
    • Synthetics
    • Metalized
    • Canvas
    • Self-adhesives
  • You have a large selection of inks in the digital printing industry
    • Fade-resistant
    • White
    • Fluorescents
    • Transparent
    • Invisible
    • And more

Digital Printing is Ideal For Various Needs

Spectra understands that every customer’s needs are unique, and because of this, we are fully equipped to accommodate your digital printing orders.

  • We can embellish your print order to make it beautiful
  • We follow HIPAA Compliance through every step of the printing process
  • We provide variable data printing
  • The HP Indigo™ 7R tackles a variety of print needs
    • Large Format Signage
    • Business Cards
    • Data Driven Programs
    • Promotional Literature (flyers, brochures, rack cards)
    • Menus
    • Envelopes
    • Events
    • Letterhead
    • Announcements
    • Catalogs
    • Apparel
    • Posters
    • Invitations
    • Stickers

With embellishment capabilities, HIPAA compliance, Variable Data Printing, Security Printing, and Web-to-Print offerings, the offerings are endless when working with an award-winning company.

Through HP Indigo Digital Printing, Spectra offers the highest quality printing services on the east coast. Digital printing is an industry that is projected to reach a value of $31.7 billion by 2025. It’s a game-changer. Working with a long-term team for a fair price is a business model that many are adopting.

Spectra ensures that you get the best in product quality, value, and print management experience each and every time we serve your printing needs. We are a family-owned business that strives to build long-lasting relationships with every customer.

Give us a call today to see how Spectra can meet your needs.