Pressure Seal Mailing Offers Benefits For Spectra Clients

July 12, 2022


As a print and order fulfillment services provider that is dedicated to offering today’s best options to its clients, Spectra, headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, strives to educate both new and longstanding clients about developments in technology and strategy that can make them more effective in their mission. Pressure seal mailing, an alternative to traditional envelope mailing systems, carries a number of important benefits for Spectra clients in the areas of cost savings, accuracy, and most importantly, data security. This option is ideal for companies and institutions that need to communicate sensitive information efficiently and affordably.


Pressure seal mailing is quickly becoming the direct mail method of choice for government agencies, healthcare institutions, and very large corporations when contacting individuals concerning personally identifiable information. It is more secure than sending such information in a standard envelope, and it also trims cost as less paper and print materials are needed for each piece. With the help of Spectra’s expert print and mailing teams, organizations both large and small can take advantage of pressure seal mailing for their most important campaigns.

The primary consideration for using pressure seal mailing is security. When mailings with personally identifiable data, such as PIN information, banking statements, medical insurance notices, and educational information are being produced, it is essential to ensure that each intended recipient gets only the document produced for them. As pressure seal mailing uses a single document for each piece, folded and sealed, it eliminates the potential for multiple documents to be inserted into a single envelope. It also makes it easier for a quality check to verify that the correct address is associated with the personal information on the same document.

Spectra’s pressure seal mailing service also provides security while the mailing is in progress, with adhesives and folding that protect the information inside much more effectively than the single flap on a traditional envelope. Additionally, Spectra offers 100% opaque mailers, which prevent visibility into the contents of the document when it is sealed. With HIPAA and AICPA SOC certification, Spectra utilizes pressure seal mailing as one of its most important tools in protecting data on behalf of its clients and their end users.

While data security is the top priority and a vital reason to choose pressure seal mailing, it carries other significant benefits as well for Spectra clients. With only one document to print, fold, and seal, it eliminates the need for a separate envelope, thus drastically cutting paper, printing, and processing costs for every mail campaign. Also significant and very attractive in marketing contexts, pressure seal mailing boasts a 96% open rate. This is dramatically higher than other direct mail styles, and it represents an enormous opportunity for both B2B and B2C marketers to ensure that they reach as many end users as possible in a meaningful way.

Pressure seal mailing is just one of the powerful strategies that Spectra offers its clients in print and order fulfillment outsourcing. To learn more about how Spectra can help increase the security, accuracy, and effectiveness of all types of mailings, interested parties can visit