New Inserting Machine Supports Mailing Accuracy At Spectra

January 12, 2023


With regular partnerships with healthcare, government, and other organizations that demand high levels of mailing accuracy and privacy, Columbia, SC-based Spectra has always maintained stringent internal processes to ensure that each piece of communication reaches its intended destination. As part of ongoing efforts to refresh its collection of printing, sealing, binding, and mailing equipment, Spectra is proud to announce its acquisition of a new Relay inserting machine with high speed capabilities and accuracy verification measures. This purchase gives powerful support to Spectra’s commitment to accuracy and data security in mailing projects for all its clients.


As a 3PL provider with capabilities spanning the entire print and fulfillment chain, Spectra considers direct mail campaigns to be a core component of its services to clients. While its list of clients certainly includes retailers and national brands with B2B communication needs, it also offers services suitable for government, healthcare, and other agencies where data security is of particular importance. With HIPAA compliant measures and SOC 2 Type I and II compliance, Spectra is a good choice for security-sensitive clients that need a partner that can meet their needs quickly and affordably while keeping the information contained on their address lists out of the wrong hands.

As technology improves, Spectra keeps a close eye on the development of new models of the equipment that prints, binds, seals, folds, and packages direct mail pieces. Machines that accomplish these tasks more quickly and with higher levels of accuracy make it easier for Spectra to complete client projects in a way that meets or exceeds expectations. Recently Spectra installed a Relay inserting machine, a state-of-the-art piece of equipment built by industry leader Pitney Bowes that uses barcoding and advanced software to monitor the accuracy of each document as it is inserted into an envelope.

The new Relay inserter offers a wide variety of customizable options for performing secure envelope inserting projects at speed. The user-friendly console allows the Spectra team to adjust parameters to perfectly fit the document size, barcoding method, envelope style, and other needs of each unique project. This equipment from Pitney Bowes is the perfect companion to Spectra’s other print shop equipment as well as the company’s wider data security processes, which prioritize HIPAA compliance and SOC 2 certification requirements.

Each new machine added to Spectra’s facility continues the South Carolina based fulfillment provider’s longstanding tradition of giving its clients access to the very best capabilities along the print and direct mail pipeline. By working with Spectra and its experienced team of project managers, clients can enjoy confidence that each piece of marketing material, billing, clinical trial recruitment, official correspondence, or update will reach its intended recipient, and that it will be high quality in feel, look, and style as well.

Prospective clients of Spectra can learn more about the company, its print facility, and its direct mail fulfillment systems by visiting them online at Expert team members are available to provide quotes and answer any questions about service.