Increased Fulfillment Expectations Extend To B2B Applications

September 14, 2022


One of the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the e-commerce space has been a high level of expectation on the part of the public regarding the timing and accuracy of deliveries. As customers continue to order online rather than purchasing at brick-and-mortar locations, companies are looking for ways to sustain the high levels of service that they implemented during the pandemic as a temporary measure. B2B fulfillment is also affected by this demand, and Spectra is committed to helping its clients get materials to its B2B customers reliably and quickly, with advanced systems such as customized online storefronts and analytics-based inventory management.


During the global pandemic, the public demand for speedy, accurate fulfillment of online orders in an enormous range of industries grew dramatically. In response to this demand, businesses of many types–even those that had not previously invested in home delivery–implemented fulfillment systems as quickly as possible. Today, as many people have grown comfortable with these new systems and the convenience that they provide, those businesses have entered a new phase of turning sometimes makeshift fulfillment systems into sustainable long-term solutions.

Another phenomenon within the industry of fulfillment has been the carrying over of these heightened expectations into the B2B realm. The minimizing or eliminating of face-to-face meetings, design sessions, travel, and other activities have made fulfillment more important than ever before, as well as adding more complexity in the areas of reverse fulfillment, restocking inventory, and other tasks.

As a fulfillment provider with years of experience helping companies in various industries accomplish B2B services successfully, Spectra set itself apart during the pandemic period through its ability to handle increased business on the part of existing and new clients, all while dealing with the same infection control, labor shortage, and supply chain challenges that confronted all businesses. Clients were relieved to discover that Spectra was well positioned to use its technology, practical experience, and creativity in house to execute fulfillment activities to the same high levels that they had come to expect under normal circumstances.

With the pandemic fading into memory, organizations that conduct B2B fulfillment on a regular basis find themselves continuing to face pressure to meet high expectations in delivery times and accuracy. Partnering with a proven third party fulfillment provider such as Spectra is the best way to ensure that a company’s inventory, shipping, and restocking activities are handled as expertly as possible. Spectra goes beyond the expected in its B2B fulfillment offerings, with customized online storefronts, tiered product access, predictive inventory, reverse logistics, and other services that give companies important advantages in supplying their franchisees or branches with materials of all types.

Spectra is headquartered in South Carolina, with two fulfillment centers ideally situated along East Coast commerce routes and strategically located near Charlotte, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Raleigh, and other large cities. More information about Spectra’s in-house print center, end-to-end fulfillment services, and other topics can be found on the company’s website at