Spectra Boosts Packaging Game With New Shrink Wrap Machine

August 11, 2021

SUMMARY: Spectra, a fully integrated fulfillment services provider based in South Carolina, continues to build the power and quality of its print facility with the addition of a Preferred Packaging shink wrap machine. This unit rounds out a system that includes many other newly purchased units, including several printers and a powerful laminating machine. Together, these machines and their advanced technologies make Spectra a very attractive partner for organizations of all sizes that need to publish materials of the highest quality. The print facility integrates seamlessly with Spectra’s advanced fulfillment system for an end-to-end B2B solution that saves partners money and satisfies end user expectations consistently.


2021 has been a year of growth for Spectra, particularly in the upgrading and addition of equipment to the company’s in-house print facility. Those improvements continue with the acquisition by Spectra of a new shrink wrap machine manufactured by Preferred Packaging. The sealing power of this industry-leading machine will allow Spectra to offer improved protection of print materials during shipping, giving clients even more reason to trust Spectra as their provider for fulfillment from the beginning to the end of the supply chain.

Initial responses on the implementation of the Preferred Packaging shrink wrap machine are very positive, and Spectra’s leadership team is very excited about the professional, clean, almost seamless sealing that the unit gives to packaged materials. Today’s B2B end users expect a high level of quality when they open a package of marketing or promotional materials, and when that package comes from Spectra, that is exactly what they find.

Spectra has been in the print business for over 18 years, and in the last few years opened up a second fulfillment center in North Charleston, SC in order to meet increased demand for East Coast based shipping activity. One of the most significant advantages that Spectra’s clients enjoy is the ability to have the design, printing, packaging, and shipping of their materials all handled by one integrated team. Spectra also has the capability in house to manage returns, customer service, and complex fulfillment topics such as variable data printing and online storefront creation, built on the industry leading Magento platform.

The expansion of Spectra’s print division through the addition of the Preferred Packaging shrink wrap machine, HP Indigo 7900, Komfi Amiga 52, and other units to their facility reflects the speed of innovation in the print industry today. Highly technical printing techniques like security printing, variable data printing, ultraviolet printing, and metallic inks are becoming more sought after as organizations seek to differentiate their materials from the competition, and Spectra is more than prepared to serve these clients with high quality printing on today’s most advanced equipment.

Spectra representatives are available to speak with organizations looking to put their entire B2B fulfillment chain under one roof, starting with a full service print shop and moving through digital inventory management to accurate, verified shipping at affordable bulk rates. The company can be reached online at www.spectraintegration.com.