Why is Spectra, a PSP (Print Services Provider), HIPAA Compliant?

Data protection, also known as data privacy, is the process of safeguarding information from corruption, compromise or loss. HIPAA Compliancy is one of the most important aspects of data privacy as it relates to printing PHI (Personal Health Information). Protecting privacy and personal data mitigates the risk of costly incidents, reputational harm, regulatory penalties, and other harms.
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Digital Printing

Our digital presses, from one to seven colors, offer your company smaller runs, print-on-demand, personalized variable data and shorter turnaround time.

Fulfillment and Warehousing

Let our knowledge of brand management, digital printing, large format, inventory practices and corporate kitting help your company soar to new marketing heights.

Integrated Data

Successful marketing! Our technology team can help you produce your desired deliverables, in accordance with your business rules, via print or electronic.

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