Pressure Seal Printing and Mailing

Pressure Seal

Do You Require Secure Mail?

Spectra Knows Mailing Security…

Pressure Seal Mailing technology offers a number of valuable, time-saving benefits for every industry. From data breach letters, self-mailers and healthcare forms, Pressure Seal forms offer every industry timesaving benefits to their business mailing needs. Here are five benefits we believe are important considerations for your business when determining how best to communicate with your customers.
  1. Protects Confidentiality & Security…

    Pressure Seal’s cohesive edges and high-pressure sealing provide a more effective seal than traditional envelopes. And, because each mailer is self-contained, there is no chance of inserting two confidential documents into the same envelope or mismatching a document with an envelope with a different recipient address.
  2. Eco Friendly…

    By eliminating the envelope and the labor intensive folding, stuffing and sealing, Pressure Seal mailers have become an efficient and environmentally-friendly alternative for all forms of direct mail pieces.
  3. Less Cost to you…

    Lose the envelope. Pressure Seal forms serve as their own securely sealed envelopes.
  4. HIPAA Compliant…

    Completely opaque and tamper-proof.
  5. Improved Postal Processing…

    With Pressure Seal technology, addresses can be printed directly onto the form, eliminating the need for envelopes. Plus, utilizing Spectra mailing software, intelligent barcodes can be included to save postage costs.

Pressure Seal Advantages

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Secure
  • 96% open rate
  • Less expensive than an envelope with internal sheets of paper
  • Great for large or small volume
  • Fast turnaround
  • Black/white or color

Pressure Seal Works for All Kinds of Businesses…

… from the very small to large companies looking to streamline their processes.

Cost effectiveness and 96% open rates make the forms especially attractive, and the security and confidentiality of forms is a major benefit for the use of Pressure Seal documents. There are countless applications for Pressure Seal forms. Below are just a few of the industry-specific ways businesses are using these Pressure Seal solutions: Healthcare
  • Data Breach Letters
  • Open enrollment forms
  • Confirmation statements
  • 1095’s ACA forms
  • Billing statements
  • COBRA statements
Financial Services
  • PIN notices
  • Overdraft notices
  • Charge notices
  • Monthly statements
  • Tax notices
  • Grade reports
  • Tuition notices
  • Course schedules
  • Federal aid statements
Manufacturing & Retail
  • Recall notices
  • Order receipts
  • Warranty certificates
  • Rebate coupons
  • Marketing mailers
Direct Mail
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Political mail
  • Personalized pieces
  • B2B and B2C
Pressure seal mailing is a great way to reduce your mailing costs. Pressure seal mailings are an efficient way to deliver mailed pieces without an envelope. Beautiful custom designs are not a problem and you can deliver your message with full color printing on both sides! Give your message the attention it deserves as pressure seal mailings have an extremely high opening rate of 96%. Pressure seal mailings are the perfect choice when sending very sensitive, confidential or time sensitive information. Pressure seal is HIPAA compliant and the most secure way to mail. Put your message under pressure, increase your response rate and lose the envelope!