Ongoing M&A Trends Increase Need for B2B Fulfillment

August 8, 2022


One of the most significant trends in the economy in recent years is increased mergers and acquisitions, as large regional and national corporations purchase smaller businesses and incorporate them into their brands. This trend is seen in retail, financial, hospitality, and even in the healthcare field, as privately owned dental, ophthalmology, and medical practices come under the ownership of a larger organization. These M&A activities necessitate large amounts of B2B fulfillment, as parent organizations rebrand their acquisitions and supply them with marketing, signage, and other materials to bring them in line with the rest of the organization.


Spectra, a full-service warehouse and inventory management provider specializing in B2B topics, has experienced significant growth in recent years, due in part to the need on the part of large national corporations to rebrand their newly acquired businesses. A formerly privately owned store, restaurant, or medical practice that becomes part of a national brand requires new signage, window stickers, stationery, marketing materials, catalogs, seasonal campaigns, and other materials that are consistent with the rest of the parent organization’s branding. Getting these materials printed and sent to local branches in an efficient manner is a monumental task, and one that Spectra is ideally suited to handle on a 3PL basis.

Spectra’s offerings begin with a full-service advanced print facility located in-house, where the organization’s expert staff prints the full range of materials, from banners, outdoor signage, and window clings to large full-color catalogs and even short-run books. New employee hiring and onboarding materials are also important offerings for large corporations that have recently added smaller organizations to their group. Spectra prints these materials with a very high degree of quality, then sends them on to the inventory and fulfillment phases.

At its modern fulfillment centers in Columbia and North Charleston, South Carolina, Spectra inventories the new materials and prepares them for shipping to the client’s locations around the country. A client’s B2B end users can view and order materials through a customized storefront built by Spectra, making it as easy as possible for local members to get the materials they need in an efficient way. Spectra’s storefront system even allows for individualized access to different components of the client’s catalog based on level, region, and other factors through unique usernames and passwords. This streamlines the complex and time-consuming process of a national headquarters providing differentiated content to a variety of end users with varying needs.

Spectra has over 20 years of experience providing affordable, efficient fulfillment services in the B2B space, serving well-known national brands in rebranding, franchise fulfillment, and other complex logistics topics. By maintaining the print, fulfillment, warehouse, and inventory management phases under one roof, Spectra is able to eliminate the time, communication, and expense required to move materials from a print provider to the fulfillment center and then on to the end user. Organizations that are interested in partnering with Spectra for expert 3PL services to support M&A activity or to supply franchisees with marketing materials can reach the company online at or by email at