Spectra Adds Hard Cover Production Capability

November 12, 2021

For many years, customers based both in South Carolina and elsewhere around the United States have enjoyed the consistent high quality of printing available from Spectra. The company’s Columbia, SC print facility is outfitted with specialty equipment from the industry’s top manufacturers, and the newest addition to that list of equipment is the Case Maker 650 from Peleman. This advanced system expands Spectra’s production capabilities to include hard cover books, ring binders, and other important specialized display items that will help Spectra’s clients accomplish publicity, marketing, short-run printing, and other projects with a high level of excellence.


Spectra, a South Carolina based company that provides both expert print services and a full range of fulfillment capabilities, is proud to announce the addition of the Peleman Case Maker 650 to its print facility. Spectra’s clients have long enjoyed the third party provider’s ability to quickly and affordably produce beautiful, durable, and consistent print projects, and now the Case Maker 650 opens up the possibility of new print opportunities.

The Case Maker 650 is a system that enables Spectra’s expert print team to create hard covers for projects ranging from standard hard cover books to custom designed ring binders and beyond. Specialty projects include wood photo display panels, permanent restaurant menus, high quality presentations, and others. In combination with Spectra’s existing print equipment, which encompasses standard printing as well as metallic inks and other advanced techniques, this new hard cover production capability creates exciting opportunities for organizations of all sizes and budget constraints to produce marketing and other printed materials that beautifully represent their brand.

One of the most significant issues that Spectra’s print division solves for its clients is the difficulty of short run printing. Many print providers typically run large projects and charge extra fees for shorter runs, raising a project’s total cost beyond the budget of many organizations. Spectra’s system is designed with these smaller projects in mind, although it is also fully capable of handling standard large runs as well. An organization of any size can execute their small run printing project through Spectra, whether it is a commemorative booklet, a reusable menu or offering list, or a short run of an original book, at an affordable rate.

Once a client’s project is printed, Spectra expands the value for the client by offering fulfillment solutions that make it easy to quickly, reliably, and affordably get the final product to its destination. With AI powered inventory management and expert pick and pack staffing, Spectra helps clients by becoming their experienced, fully equipped fulfillment department at a level that would not otherwise be possible.

Organizations interested in Spectra’s new hard cover production capability, short runs of high quality printed projects, and end-to-end secure fulfillment solutions can learn more about Spectra at their website. www.spectraintegration.com. With B2B fulfillment and B2C fulfillment entering a new phase of capabilities and associated customer expectations, organizations of all types need a dependable, advanced fulfillment partner to help drive them to success.