Speed in Printing and Direct Mail Fulfillment

In direct mail fulfillment and other areas, speed has become a top priority. One of our guiding principles in the development of Spectra Integration has been the desire to give our clients a faster overall order fulfillment process than they are able to find anywhere else. Today, there are quite a few unique services, methods, technologies, and strategies that our clients enjoy that accomplish that goal, and those are in focus today. We hope that you recognize the importance of speed in your company’s marketing campaigns, and that you will give us the chance to help you streamline those campaigns!
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Spectra Integration Wins Big at the PICA Awards

Spectra Integration PICA AwardsSpectra Integration is a full-service fulfillment company, and one of the unusual advantages we offer our fulfillment clients is our high quality print facility. When a client needs brochures, sales materials, or other printed items, we are able to cut costs and time for that client by printing the materials in house. And there is no loss of quality—in fact, as you will read later in this article, our print facility is equipped to produce beautiful, industry-leading results. Actually, some of our clients choose to work with us primarily because we offer such consistent, brilliant,and dependable color matching and quality. Read More Spectra Integration Wins Big at the PICA Awards

What is Kitting Without Spectra?

What is kitting without Spectra Integration? We feel that it is not nearly as efficient or powerful as it has the potential to be. Our team here at Spectra has so much to offer in the areas of technology, experience, coordination between print and fulfillment activities, and inventory management that it represents an incredible opportunity for any business to revolutionize its B2B fulfillment system. One of the most important tools that Spectra Integration has ever offered to its clients, the Zenith online storefront system, is now available and “open for business.”
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Three Reasons a Fulfillment Service Is a Necessity

We’d like to propose a statement that might sound surprising at first: for some companies, hiring a top-notch fulfillment service is not a luxury; it’s nearly a necessity if they expect to thrive and grow in their field. The surprising thing about that statement is the very idea of a third-party fulfillment provider is fairly new; how can it be that it has already become so important? We hope that the following discussion will shed some light on the subject and help you understand the full potential that third-party fulfillment has to offer.
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Kitting Solutions for the Most Complex Projects

A “normal” day in the work life of a sales representative at a national chain of retail stores—a tire distributor, for instance—might include placing an order with a manufacturer for marketing materials promoting their products. That sales rep expects to find a simple, intuitive website, a clear explanation of the different materials and kits available to him, and a user-friendly ordering process. A few days later, he expects to find a box waiting for him in his office, containing all the materials he ordered and shipped to him on time. That sales rep probably doesn’t realize, though, just how Read More Kitting Solutions for the Most Complex Projects

The Human Element at a Fulfillment Company

Movie after movie has taught us the same lesson about technology: if you give it too much power, eventually it will become smart enough to break free of its human controllers and take over the world—most likely causing lots of cinematic explosions and toppling international landmarks along the way. Setting aside science fiction, though, it’s valid to ask what the balance should be between human control and technology in any given industry.  There is a trap in trusting technology to work correctly all the time; all it takes is a cyber-terrorism attack, and suddenly all the critical functions that you handed over to the machines come to a screeching halt. Read More The Human Element at a Fulfillment Company

Two Outsourced Fulfillment Success Stories

If you have spent any time browsing our website (and we do invite you to do so!), you know that the primary reason to work with an outsourced fulfillment service like Spectra Integration is to benefit from its built-in efficiency, technology, and experience benefits. Our promise to your company is that when we take over stocking materials, managing inventory, kitting, and mailing shipments to your users, we streamline the process and do it much more effectively than your company would be able to on its own. That power helps drive your company’s growth, as you are able to spend less time Read More Two Outsourced Fulfillment Success Stories

Top Five Advantages of Using a Fulfillment Service

If your impression of using a third-party fulfillment service is that you simply pay someone else to store your materials in a warehouse until you need them, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Warehouse space, while valuable, is only the tip of the iceberg—an experienced, technologically advanced fulfillment service can really be the key that opens up brand new opportunities for your business’s growth. Today we have five great advantages of third-party fulfillment to share with you; as you will see, these advantages quickly solve some of the most troublesome problems that growing Read More Top Five Advantages of Using a Fulfillment Service

Ecommerce Fulfillment: A Brief History

Looking back, it is difficult to believe just how much the Internet has changed the way the world does business. Businesses did not begin experimenting with online ordering and payment systems until the early 1990’s, and in just 20 years, ecommerce has become one of the most important factors in the global economy. Ecommerce fulfillment, the power behind a company’s ability to ship out items to any customer in the world in a matter of days, is a fascinating topic yet one that the average customer rarely considers. Here’s a brief summary of how this previously nonexistent industry has Read More Ecommerce Fulfillment: A Brief History

What is Fulfillment?

Ask the average person on the street what “fulfillment” is, and you’ll get a range of answers. If your interviewee is a deep thinker, the answer will likely be a long, philosophical statement about what makes you truly happy as a person. Our company isn’t really set up to help you with that kind of fulfillment, but we are definitely prepared to help you with the business definition of fulfillment: getting materials from the warehouse to the end user. That’s a short, easy-to-remember definition, but as you can imagine, there are huge challenges behind it. Here is a quick introduction to the Read More What is Fulfillment?