Strategic Alliances

Collaboration with our strategic alliances enables us to co-create and lean into each other’s strengths to better solve complex supply chain and marketing challenges for our clients.

  • HP Indigo - The world’s leading digital printing press technology provider.
  • We are able to reduce the cost of quality for our high-end digital print customers that rely on world-class print on demand quality. We do this by subscribing to real-time technology updates and advancements in digital print technology.

  • Service Printing Commercial Printing Alliances - G-7 Commercial printing services for all large run offset services.
  • Spectra only partners with award-winning commercial printers who appreciate the trade-printing relationship.

  • ASI – (Advertising Specialty Institute) - Member # 332149
  • International network providing branding solutions to millions of customers worldwide. Connects wholesale manufacturers of promotional and apparel to distributors like Spectra.