Spectra’s SOC 2 Type II Certification Expands Opportunities

February 24, 2023


As a third party logistics provider based in South Carolina and serving clients throughout the United States, Spectra places a high priority on data security. At the beginning of 2023, Spectra became a SOC 2 Type II certified vendor, verified and audited by an independent AICPA certified CPA firm. This important certification gives potential clients assurance that the data security protocols in place throughout Spectra’s fulfillment process are in full compliance with the industry standards. Companies that require a high level of data security in mailing activities, including HIPAA compliance in protecting patient information, can partner with Spectra with confidence in their ability to protect sensitive data.


For several years Spectra has been pursuing higher levels of data security certification, verifying their commitment to protect the privacy of data entrusted to them by clients for mail campaigns. In working with hospitals, clinical trial recruitment centers, and other organizations linked with the medical field, Spectra has long maintained HIPAA compliant practices, and now the company also proudly notes its SOC 2 Type II certification.

This certification was verified by independent auditors in accordance with SOC 2 Type II rules at the beginning of 2023, and the full report can be obtained from Spectra. Spectra has always highly valued the privacy of its clients and those included in their address lists. The SOC 2 Type II certification gives clients not yet familiar with Spectra’s reputation and high degree of confidence that they can trust the 3PL provider to preserve the privacy of their sensitive data.

Spectra’s expertise in direct mail campaigns spans a huge range of different types of activity, from sending official billing correspondence on behalf of hospitals to handling large-scale standard marketing campaigns at very affordable rates. Many of these campaigns require that information related to recipients be protected while it is in Spectra’s hands. This information can include Social Security numbers, insurance account numbers, medical conditions and treatment plans, and other sensitive data.

Spectra is the ideal choice for potential clients that require SOC 2 Type II certification for the vendors with which they work. Earning this certification opens Spectra to important opportunities to further expand its client base across the United States. With a strategic location along the Eastern seaboard in Columbia and Charleston, SC, Spectra is well positioned to help clients quickly and affordably reach recipients with their direct mail campaigns.

Spectra’s fully integrated fulfillment process, from its in-house print facility to its expertly managed distribution centers, gives clients access to efficiency, cost savings, and accuracy in fulfillment that is extremely difficult for most companies to achieve in-house. By outsourcing these activities to Spectra, clients can bypass the tedious and expensive process of developing a fulfillment department and instead benefit from Spectra’s knowledge, experience, and technological advantages. SOC 2 Type II certification gives those clients even more reason to partner with this powerful 3PL provider. To learn more about Spectra, its data security certifications, and its various fulfillment offerings, potential clients can visit the company’s website at www.spectraintegration.com.