Seasonal Print Materials Critical In Marketing Campaigns

October 12, 2022


The best marketing campaigns are those that succeed in staying current and speaking in a relevant voice to audiences. An enormous part of that relevancy is seasonality, introducing themes, creative design, copy, and other elements that are closely matched to the time of year. Obviously, seasonal marketing requires a great deal of planning and coordination with a print provider in order to design, proof, print, and ship materials in time for each phase of a campaign. Heading into mid-autumn, many companies are currently ordering calendars for 2023 so that they can be in the hands of marketers and ready to distribute at the end of December 2022.


As a print provider with advanced capabilities, Spectra serves organizations of all types in South Carolina and beyond by handling their print management needs for marketing campaigns and other correspondence. From simple postcard mailers to beautifully printed and bound commemorative books and everything in between, Spectra is a fantastic partner for companies and nonprofits that want their materials to excel in quality and meet their budgetary constraints at the same time.

By combining their print facility with a full-service fulfillment center under the same roof, Spectra also positions itself as an ideal partner for the end-to-end fulfillment chain. In seasonal marketing contexts, having a full service 3PL partner like Spectra is invaluable, as it allows organizations to bypass the communication between separate service providers that so often delays the production and shipping of materials. When the same expert team handles the printing, inventory, and shipping of seasonal marketing materials, timeliness and reliability increase dramatically while costs decrease.

Autumn is the ideal time for organizations to work with their print partner to produce calendars for distribution before or at the beginning of the new year. Calendars with high quality binding, specialty printing techniques, and beautiful branding are incredibly valuable tools for keeping an organization’s name and contact information top of mind all year round. Timeliness is essential, however; a calendar is a seasonal marketing item that quickly loses its value during the first few weeks of the new year. Any delay in shipping can lead to wasted print expenses and wasted long-term marketing opportunities.

Spectra is proud of its longstanding reputation for meeting customer expectations, including those related to time-sensitive projects such as seasonal marketing campaigns. With a leadership team that understands the full spectrum of topics from print design to inventory to shipping to complex reverse logistics issues, Spectra is a powerful partner that makes it a priority to help each client maintain a relevant, exciting slate of marketing materials.

Prospective clients can consult with an expert at Spectra by visiting their website at The 3PL fulfillment provider is headquartered in Columbia, SC and operates a strategically located secondary fulfillment center near Charleston, SC. With a fully integrated fulfillment chain, well equipped print facility, and a commitment to data security (including SOC 2 certification), Spectra is the clear choice for marketing managers that want to make the most of each season’s advertising potential.