• Walter Kohn
  • President and CEO
  • 2002-Present
  • Walter is responsible for achieving Spectra’s growth objectives and strategizing for the future. He helps drive successful partnerships and lends his leadership experience to helping steer the technology/operational strategy of the firm.

    Walter has 41 years’ of experience in the Printing, Fulfillment and Promotional industries. He has built two companies – Kohn Print Group (22 years as CEO) and Spectra (18+ years as CEO).

  • David Schmidt
  • Director of Technology
  • 2012-Present
  • David manages a visual graphics pre-production team that combines complex business data with graphics to provide individualized customer communications. He also leads Spectra’s fulfillment technology strategy and definition. He has 40+ years experience in the graphic arts industry with an emphasis in prepress and print production.

  • Brandon Redding
  • Privacy Officer/Data Manager
  • 2005-Present
  • Brandon is responsible for building client data programs and ensuring data security and data integrity laws and protocols are met. His critical oversight to HIPAA compliancy gives our clients peace of mind their protected health information (PHI) is being properly managed. Brandon has 15 years’ experience with Spectra across customer service, pre-press, mailing and digital production.

  • Amber Watts
  • Creative Director and Program Development
  • 2015-Present
  • Amber is responsible for the design of branding, UI, UX, and Print for Spectra and external clients. In addition, she develops creative programs designed to tailor clients’ fulfillment needs. Amber has 13 years of design, brand, marketing and advertising experience.