Spectra Achieves SOC 2 HIPAA Certification

February 14, 2022


As a print and fulfillment company serving organizations in a wide variety of industries, Spectra prioritizes the pursuance of numerous certifications. These certifications grant assurance to Spectra’s clients that the team understands the regulations and risks that apply to their industries, and that they are following best practices to protect their data while it is in their possession. Recently, Spectra achieved SOC 2 HIPAA certification, a major step in the company’s commitment to serve clients in the healthcare field, including hospitals, private medical practices, and clinical trial recruiters, with secure, dependable fulfillment offerings.


Throughout its history, Spectra has highly valued its relationships with healthcare organizations. The full-service print and fulfillment provider, headquartered in Columbia and boasting advanced fulfillment centers in Columbia and North Charleston, offers expert management of direct mail, variable data, and other campaigns to help those organizations reach their audience in a secure, HIPAA compliant manner.

Early in 2022, Spectra completed its journey toward SOC 2 HIPAA certification. The team earned this important certification under the authority of its accounting firm, and the effort was led by Brandon Redding, Spectra’s privacy officer and data manager. With this certification, Spectra is able to give a high level of confidence to its healthcare clients that their patients’ data is adequately protected during mail campaigns. The certification represents an incredibly detailed process of assessing procedures, making revisions when necessary, and establishing an organization-wide set of protocols that are in full compliance with the rigorous SOC 2 requirements.

SOC 2 compliance, as a national standard, is widely recognized as an authoritative measure of a company’s use of best practices in its acquisition, use, protection, and return/destruction of sensitive personal information, referred to as either PHI (protected health information) or PII (personally identifiable information). In the current climate of intense digitalization of data, cloud storage, and cyber security threats, organizations are more determined than ever before to work exclusively with fulfillment partners that follow strict protocols to protect this critical information.

The SOC 2 HIPAA certification grants objective verification of what Spectra has done all along with its clients in the healthcare field: keep patient data safe and secure during all phases of a fulfillment project. These processes include basic cyber security practices such as housing data on dedicated, non-networked computers, restricting data access within the Spectra team, and secure data destruction. It also includes HIPAA restrictions specific to patient medical information, allowing healthcare organizations to communicate with individuals without violating their privacy rights.

While HIPAA compliance is specifically related to health information, Spectra’s dedication to maintaining the security of data extends to all of its clients. In B2B and B2C applications alike, Spectra’s clients require assurance that their fulfillment partners treat their data with the same level of security that they do, and Spectra’s current and ongoing certifications grant that assurance. For clients in the healthcare industry, B2B retail, e-commerce, and other fields that are interested in working with Spectra, more information is available at www.spectraintegration.com.