Spectra Will Become SOC 2 Type II Certified In Early 2023

December 12, 2022


Given the nature of the organizations that they work with, Spectra, a South Carolina based print and fulfillment services provider, places a very high priority on data security. In health related and other sensitive communications, it is necessary for the Spectra team to prove that the personal data shared with them by the client is adequately protected from all forms of data breach. With this in mind, Spectra plans to become SOC 2 Type II certified around the end of January 2023. This verification will demonstrate to Spectra’s clients the robust measures that it takes to protect their data from the beginning through the end of a project.


Organizations that approach Spectra for help with their materials printing and 3PL fulfillment needs want to know that when they share data with the Spectra team, that data will not fall into the wrong hands along the way. The continued prominence of data breaches, identity theft, and other forms of cyber crime in the news headlines only underlines the risks to a company or nonprofit that fails to protect their user data or shares it with a service provider that does not have powerful safeguards in place.

Spectra has always made great efforts to show current and potential clients that their data security protocols are up to the task entrusted to them. From the earliest years of the Columbia, SC-based fulfillment provider, Spectra partnered with clinical trial recruiters, handling sensitive patient data in full compliance with HIPAA regulations and data security best practices. Today, Spectra is proud to display SOC 2 Type I certification in handling personally identifiable information and plans to add further levels of certification in the near future.

At the end of January 2023, Spectra plans to announce SOC 2 Type II certification, provided by the reporting of an AICPA member CPA firm. This certification, which is focused on the effectiveness of security processes over the medium term (six months), is an important milestone in Spectra’s ongoing efforts to add industry leading certifications to its data security practices.

There are many specific policies and procedures within the Spectra organization that contribute to its overall culture of data security as verified by its SOC 2 certification. Periodic updating of equipment is a key feature, as outdated machines can suffer from vulnerabilities to new hacking techniques. Another important component is oversight by an IT vendor that understands today’s most serious data security risks and can review Spectra’s hardware, software, and protocols to identify any gaps in security.

Moving into 2023, Spectra looks forward to providing the same levels of data security that it has always maintained for its clients, whether they be government agencies, hospital systems, financial institutions, or other organizations that need to mail potentially sensitive information to individuals. Nonprofits and businesses can learn more about the data security measures in place at Spectra by visiting them online at www.spectraintegration.com or by contacting the 3PL company directly by phone or email.