HIPAA Compliance Fulfillment Solutions

For organizations that need to contact people on the basis of health, HIPAA compliant logistics are an absolute must. From doctors’ offices to clinical trial recruitment centers, managers of direct mail and other marketing campaigns need to know that their fulfillment providers are fully compliant with all applicable HIPAA regulations when sending out their materials.

Data Security

Secure fulfillment solutions begin with ensuring that the information used to shape a direct mail or other campaign is protected from theft. At Spectra, we take this responsibility very seriously. All data that we use in our operations are protected very carefully, utilizing advanced technologies to monitor all access and activities while the data is in our care. Once data is no longer needed for the specific task it was allocated for, it is appropriately deleted, discarded, shredded, or otherwise safely handled so that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

HIPAA Compliance in Logistics Solutions

Compliance with HIPAA guidelines is another level of protection for our clients, beyond basic security. Organizations that reach out to patients–most commonly hospitals, physicians, and clinical trial recruitment centers–must adhere to federal HIPAA regulations when handling the personal information of those patients. All materials used in recruitment campaigns, health updates, billing, and education must follow these regulations, even when those materials are produced and distributed by a third-party provider.

Spectra understands and ensures compliance with HIPAA regulations, having worked closely with clients in the medical industry for many years. The personnel at Spectra who are involved in mailings that are subject to HIPAA compliance receive detailed, rigorous training in the legislation and how it affects the materials we produce for our clients. As the materials themselves are printed, packaged, and shipped, there are multiple points at which experienced managers conduct checks to verify compliance with all of HIPAA’s requirements.

Importance of HIPAA Compliance In Solutions

HIPAA compliance in logistics solutions is about more than simply helping our client avoid legal action stemming from a breach of patient privacy. It’s about helping those patients maintain their privacy and data security in an age where news stories about identity theft and hacking of private information seem to break on a daily basis. Our clients have important, helpful, and potentially life-changing information to communicate to their audience members, and here at Spectra we take seriously the responsibility to help them do so in the safest, most respectful way possible.

Call for HIPAA Compliant Logistics Services

When you choose to work with Spectra to print, manage, and distribute your materials, you can depend on our absolute commitment to HIPAA compliance. We have developed a solid reputation among the most demanding of healthcare clients for our dependability, our integrity, and our thorough knowledge of how HIPAA affects our services, from printing to mailing. To learn more about our HIPAA compliance solutions and to inquire about how our third-party services can help you reach your audience in the most effective way possible, email or call us today.