Spectra Maintains Stringent Data Security Procedures For Clients

October 18, 2021

As a provider of HIPAA compliant mailing services for clinical trial recruitment and other activities in the healthcare space, Spectra observes stringent policies to protect medical related and other private data while it is in their custody. With identity theft and other digital crimes taking place at an alarming rate across the globe, Spectra takes very seriously its responsibility to keep data secure during all client projects, from initial reception of the data to its return or destruction at the end of each project. Potential clients are invited to inquire further about Spectra’s data security procedures.


Spectra, a third-party fulfillment provider based in Columbia, South Carolina, specializes in handling every aspect of fulfillment from print design through mailing and reverse logistics services such as returns. A huge consideration during the fulfillment process is the security of the data that Spectra’s team obtains from the client in order to customize and correctly address each mailed item in the project.

Spectra’s policies for maintaining data security, under the management of Brandon Redding, the company’s IT security officer, have been carefully designed to comply with HIPAA and other rigorous standards. During each client project, Spectra team members adhere to these policies while accessing data at every stage, both at rest and in transmission, ensuring that security risks are mitigated as fully as possible.

In reference to data transmission between Spectra and the client, there are two options available for setup of private, password protected folders only accessible by the client and the specific Spectra team members who require the data to execute the project. For projects that call for additional security, Spectra offers encryption tools that allow the client to encrypt the data, transfer it to Spectra in encrypted form, and then have Spectra’s team decrypt the data using a private key.

Data “at rest” (that is, in Spectra’s custody during a client project) is retained in full compliance with the customer’s requirements. Spectra’s servers and individual data folders are protected and encrypted, defending them from outside hacking attempts. In addition, control access within Spectra itself is restricted to those team members who are responsible for the specific project and need to access the data in question. To further protect data from theft or accidental transmission during the project, desktop computers used for data management are encrypted using FileVault or BitLocker.

Organizations in the healthcare industry have a non-negotiable responsibility to ensure that their third-party fulfillment and mailing partners understand and comply with all applicable HIPAA regulations. By choosing to work with Spectra, these organizations can have confidence that their promotional mailings, billing, recruitment, and other projects are HIPAA compliant and adequately protect their audience’s privacy from start to finish. These assurances, combined with Spectra’s high quality standards for print materials, inventory management, and fulfillment accuracy, make Spectra a great choice for any organization.

Potential customers who would like to learn more details about the data security protocols that Spectra maintains can visit the company’s website at www.spectraintegration.com or email the data manager, Brandon Redding, at bredding@spectraintegration.com.