Spectra Strengthens its HIPAA Compliant Practices

May 28, 2021

SUMMARY: Spectra, a comprehensive printing and fulfillment center based in South Carolina, offers HIPAA compliant printing and mailing services. These services are invaluable for organizations in the healthcare industry such as hospitals and clinical trial recruitment agencies, but they also allow any company or nonprofit organization to execute campaigns while protecting their contacts’ personal and medical information in accordance with US federal law. Spectra’s security-first practices include special measures to physically protect data while it is being used for mailings, secure destruction of information once it is no longer needed, and regular reviews of protocols to keep them in line with updated regulations.


Spectra, a fulfillment center with its headquarters in Columbia, SC and a secondary facility in North Charleston, is proud to offer HIPAA compliant printing and mailing services. Spectra’s expert staff has many years of experience working within the guidelines set out by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, and they are well positioned to help healthcare and other types of organizations accomplish their marketing and educational goals in a way that keeps personal information safe.

HIPAA compliance in this industry requires that Spectra employees receive, store, use, and ultimately discard the personal and/or medical information of individuals in a secure manner, protecting that information from either being stolen by a deliberate act or accidentally exposed to the public. Spectra conducts annual HIPAA/HITECH Security Risk Assessments of its internal data security policies with key staff members in order to assess risks, examine current and new controls, and identify any technical, procedural, or legislative changes that affect data privacy.

Protecting patient health information (PHI) during mailings and marketing campaigns involves both technological and physical safeguards. While digital data is secured using encryption, password protection, and careful attention to network access by machines housing protected information, it is just as critical to ensure that simple “human error” risks are mitigated through strict attention to protocols concerning the handling of PHI by Spectra team members. Our employees are regularly trained and updated on HIPAA compliant best practices related to using, discussing, and destroying protected data. Spectra also follows applicable best practices concerning the storage of PHI on designated computers and servers, which are closely monitored and kept insulated from public networks, avoiding any accidental exposure online.

With a long history of successfully working with clinical trial recruiters, healthcare facilities, and other organizations in the area of HIPAA compliant printing services, Spectra is excited about the opportunities that these services open up for these same organizations as advancing technology makes it easier to reach more targeted audiences at lower costs. Any company or nonprofit that is dedicated to keeping the PHI of its audience safe while reaching them effectively through direct mail and other types of campaigns can rely on Spectra to be a powerful partner in their endeavors.

Interested parties can learn more about Spectra, its advanced print facility, HIPAA compliant practices, and more by visiting www.spectraintegration.com. Experienced print and mailing experts are standing by to discuss the data security protocols that make Spectra’s services effective, affordable, and dependable.