Spectra Offers New Metallic Ink For Print Projects

September 8, 2021
SUMMARY: Spectra, a fulfillment company that provides the full range of supply chain services from printing to shipping, has always set itself apart from the competition by featuring a powerful, unusually advanced print facility in-house. Besides saving clients significant amounts of time in the fulfillment process, this in-house print capability also makes it possible for clients to offer their B2C or B2B customers professional quality printed materials fully customized to their needs. In a continuation of Spectra’s tradition of staying abreast of the most current advances in the field, the print facility now offers metallic ink printing by way of the HP Indigo press.


As a truly full service fulfillment provider, Spectra offers its clients printing, inventory management, pick and pack, and mailing services among many other offerings, all within the same integrated team. From its Columbia, South Carolina headquarters, Spectra serves clients across the United States with fulfillment needs ranging from simple to highly complex and personalized.

Many client projects at Spectra begin in the in-house print facility, which is frequently updated through the acquisition of advanced equipment. One of the most important recent additions to the print facility is the HP Indigo 7900, a press with an enormous range of capabilities and technological support systems to produce beautiful, high-resolution, top quality materials. One of the most impressive features of the HP Indigo press is its ability to print using specialty inks, including ultraviolet, digital foil, and the newly developed metallic ink process.

The metallic ink printing process delivers several important advantages for Spectra’s clients. There is a significant cost savings over digital foil printing due to its more integrated nature, lowering the expense even more for clients who choose to produce their printed materials within the same company as their inventory and fulfillment services. On a technical level, metallic ink printing can be used on many projects that are unable to use digital foil printing.

Perhaps most importantly, the new metallic ink process integrates seamlessly with all colors of normal ink, which means that any color or combination of colors can be enhanced with the eye-catching element of metallic printing. In this case, the silver metallic ink base is underlaid with the original color scheme to produce a result that is beautiful, powerful, and a visually stunning way to represent the client’s marketing message.

The experienced staff of Spectra’s in-house print facility are the perfect guides to assist clients in using the potential of the HP Indigo 7800 and the facility’s other advanced equipment to their best advantage. From simple direct mail campaigns to short-run on-demand printing of books and other highly specialized projects, Spectra provides expert service with affordable pricing. On the Spectra website, interested potential clients can explore past projects, discover the full list of print and fulfillment services offered, and get in touch with a representative to begin designing their next successful campaign. Visit www.spectraintegration.com to learn more.