Outsourced Fulfillment

Outsourced fulfillment has the power to drive a company’s growth to a remarkable degree—if it’s done right, that is. A corporation that chooses to outsource its warehousing, inventory, kitting, shipping, and other fulfillment activities needs to look for a company that offers concrete, unquestionable proof of its ability to take care of all of those activities with precision and convenience. For nearly forty years, Spectra Integration has been building a reputation for excellence in outsourced fulfillment by working with national retail chains, hospitals, and many other companies and organizations. Whatever your needs are, Spectra has the flexibility to assemble a complete fulfillment strategy and execute it reliably.

Warehousing & Inventory

For outsourced fulfillment to serve its purpose of streamlining the process for the client company, it must offer more efficiency than the client is able to achieve. Warehousing is a major component of this efficiency; attempting to store promotional items and print materials in a makeshift space dramatically increases the chances of those items getting misplaced, damaged, or simply over- or under-stocked, wasting money and delaying shipments when the needed items cannot be quickly located and packed. When a client has a stock of marketing materials stored in Spectra Integration’s facility, our staff keeps close track of their quantities and location, ready to kit them and restock as needed.


If the fulfillment company you partner with has the skills and technology required, kitting is one of the areas in which outsourced fulfillment pays off most. Kitting a variety of different items for unique shipments to different end users is complex to say the least. Spectra Integration handles data integration tasks that are simply impossible for many other outsourced fulfillment companies, customizing user access levels, rebate programs, incentives, and even helping companies set up multi-tiered programs for marketing campaigns. End users then order materials through branded online storefronts, giving your company unprecedented ability to make the most of its campaigns.

As you would expect from an outsourced fulfillment company with Spectra’s experience, we practice strict data integrity measures to protect the personal information that we handle. We are also totally HIPAA compliant and regularly handle marketing campaigns for hospitals and other organizations in the medical field while keeping the privacy rights of patients intact.


Outsourced fulfillment reaches its maximum efficiency when it is able to flex and fit the processes, campaigns, and systems that your company already has in place. The software, web portals, inventory solutions, and print systems at Spectra Integration are specifically designed to adapt to each client’s needs. Once we have worked with you to discover your needs, priorities, goals, and business models, we incorporate them into the custom outsourced fulfillment process that we build for you and your employees.


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