Warehouse Fulfillment Center

Warehouse Fulfillment Center

Has your business taken off in leaps and bounds, growing to the point you are stepping over inventory stored throughout your workplace? You have even resorted to using an off-site commercial storage unit for the interim. Acquiring a warehouse along with the added expenses isn’t in your budget, so you continue to stack and store. Is a warehouse fulfillment center right for your business?

Options in Warehousing

  • Build, buy, or rent a warehouse.
    • Very costly
    • Requires hiring personnel to manage.
    • Must obtain the proper insurance.
    • The technology and hardware will need to be purchased, installed, and manned to offer a security system, inventory management system, and order management system at the very least.
    • Equipment must be purchased (bins, shelves, fork lift, scales, etc.)
  • Partner with a warehouse fulfillment center
Did you know that you don’t have to purchase a warehouse, or even rent one?

Spectra’s warehouse fulfillment center provides the solution for your needs.

Warehousing with Spectra

By partnering with Spectra for your warehousing needs, you will not only save money but gain a team of experts and a facility to house and protect your investment.
  • Our warehouse fulfillment center provides you with up to 40,000 square feet of shared climate-controlled space.
  • Both space and cost are scalable (not fixed) based on your inventory needs. This prevents you from being overcharged for space you aren’t using.
  • Warehouse personnel are included.
  • Cutting edge technology provides an unmatched security system that protects inventory, personnel, and data.
  • Our warehouse fulfillment center’s inventory management system is included in warehousing. It provides you with real-time inventory data. Inventory reconciliation is performed numerous times throughout the day to ensure information is accurate.
  • Quality control provides you with peace of mind knowing your inventory is professionally handled and protected at all times.
Partnering with Spectra’s warehouse fulfillment center, you get all of the above plus:
  • Access to our order management system that monitors orders during every phase of fulfillment, shipping, and delivery.
  • Highly skilled personnel to pick, pack, and kit orders for your customers.
  • Packing supplies at a reduced cost to you. Our optimized packaging system minimizes waste based on a “use the right box for the right product” concept.
  • Returns management.

What Spectra Will Need From You

Spectra’s warehouse fulfillment center will need some information from you to get you on your way. We can provide you with a quote once we have an idea of the scope of your needs. Product Specifics
  • What type of product do you have?
  • Is your product temperature sensitive?
  • Does your product contain any hazardous materials?
Space Needs in a Warehouse Fulfillment Center
  • What can you tell us about the size of your inventory?
  • What is your yearly estimate of inventory shipments?
Inventory Value
  • What is the estimated value of your inventory?
Give us a call today for a quote.

A New Trend in Product BundlingMakes Customers Buy Much More

Spectra saves you money while giving you a boost in revenue through kitting and fulfillment services with a focus on driving financial and strategic value


What is a warehouse fulfillment Center?
A Warehouse Fulfillment Center is a facility that offers both warehousing and fulfillment services. Warehousing is simply the storage of goods, whereas fulfillment encompasses kitting services and more.
What are Ecommerce fulfillment services?
Ecommerce fulfillment services is the process of picking items, packing items and shipping items to a customer after they order it online. This also involves receiving inventory, storing inventory, processing orders and tracking inventory.
What is the difference between a warehouse and a fulfillment center?
Simply put, a warehouse is for the storage of products and/or goods and a fulfillment center completes orders that involves picking, packing and shipping.
What is a fulfillment distribution center?
A Fulfillment Distribution Center is pretty much the same as a Warehouse Fulfillment Center. The terms are often used interchangeably.
What are the three main functions of a Warehouse Fulfillment Center?
Picking orders, packing orders and shipping orders are the three main functions of a Warehouse Fulfillment Center.
How does a Warehouse Fulfillment Center work?
Warehouse Fulfillment Centers will receive your inventory, sort and store your products in pallets, shelves or bins and keep track of your inventory. The main goal is to ship orders out as efficiently as possible.
Are Warehouse Fulfillment Centers climate controlled?
Most fulfillment centers are climate controlled and this is very important if you are going to be storing food products. Make sure you ask this question as part of your research when looking into a warehouse fulfillment center.
How do you determine how much warehouse space a customer will need?
The amount of space that is needed is determined by calculations which include, the amount of inventory, measurements of items, the weight of the items and whether or not they are stackable. The number of SKUs is also taken into consideration.
What is the biggest benefit of using a Warehouse Fulfillment Center?
Outsourcing to a Warehouse Fulfillment Center allows you to focus on your core competencies and the expansion of your business.
What is the last step of order fulfillment?
The last step of fulfillment is shipping. Once your order has been picked and packaged, it moves to the shipping department and the inventory management system is updated. Spectra will make sure that your items are shipped in secure packaging and on time!

Spectra’s Charleston Fulfillment Center

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how Spectra’s Fulfillment Services Center and Warehouse in Charleston can help.