Pick and Pack Fulfillment Service Guide

pick and pack fulfillment

Spectra prides itself on a near perfect track record because of our accuracy in pick and pack fulfillment and shipping speed. Quality control and skilled personnel are vital components in pick and pack fulfillment. Every detail, from selecting the right product and quantity to the careful handling and packaging, are things Spectra closely monitors. The little things count as well, such as how a shipping label is positioned on the box. Aesthetics are important to us because it’s important to your customer and your reputation. Fragile orders are carefully handled and packed with ample dunnage and protective cushioning with air pillows to prevent damage during shipment.

Methods of Picking for Pick and Pack Fulfillment Process

Spectra employs the “piece” picking method for pick and pack fulfillment. We serve many large corporations with sizable needs.. This method enables us to have better quality control over the process reducing human error that can occur with other methods.

Piece Picking (Spectra)

  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Best Quality Control
  • More Attention to Product Handling

Warehouses with big-scale inventory serve large businesses. “Piece” picking is less efficient because of the enormity of scope. In cases like this, “batch,” “zone,” and “wave,” picking methods are used.

Batch Picking (Larger Warehouses)

  • Complex
  • Slow
  • Quality Control Waivers
  • Warehouse Personnel Have Higher Foot Traffic Traveling Between Multiple Zones

Zone Pick/Packing (Larger Warehouses)

  • Complex
  • Slower
  • Warehouse Personnel Are Strategically Placed in Zones
  • Order Lists Pass Through Several Hands
  • Quality Control Waivers

Wave Pick/Packing (Larger Warehouses)

  • Very Complex
  • Speed Dependent on Efficiency of Warehouse Personnel
  • Warehouse Personnel Are Strategically Placed Throughout Zones
  • Multiple Orders Are Being Handled Per Person
  • Quality Control Waivers

Kitting Options are Available with Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Spectra offers kitting to add value to your product by bundling items together. Consumers are devouring boxed solutions that offer variety and convenience. Call us today to get a quote on pick and pack fulfillment for your business.

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What is pick and pack?
Pick and pack is part of the fulfillment process where a worker picks a product from the warehouse and packages the product for shipping to fulfill the order.
What does picking an order mean?
Picking and order is the actual picking of the product off the shelf by a worker to be packaged to fill an order.
What does packing mean?
Packing is the process of putting the product into the correct packaging materials to be prepared for shipping. This is an important step in the fulfillment process because the right packaging material is crucial to the security of the product in shipping.
Can you pick an order and not pack it?
An order can be picked and not packed. An example of that is a customer may want to pick up a single shirt or other item.
Are pick and pack and kitting the same?
Pick and pack is to pick the item off the shelf and package it for shipping to fill an order. Kitting is typically used for multiple products that comprise a kit.
Is pick and pack part of kitting?
Pick and pack is part of the kitting process as the related items have to be picked and packed in order to complete the kitting process.
Can custom packaging be part of pick and pack?
Custom packaging can be used for any pick and pack order. Once the custom packaging is in place, pick and pack orders can be shipped in the custom packaging.
Are food items part of the pick and pack process?
Food items can definitely be part of the pick and pack process. You should make sure that the facility is registered with the FDA.
Are books part of the pick and pack process?
Book fulfillment is very popular, especially print on demand programs and all book orders have to be picked and packed.
Is tissue paper part of the pick and pack process?
Tissue paper is a packaging material and can definitely be used as part of the pick and pack process.

Spectra’s Charleston Fulfillment Center

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