Kitting and Fulfillment Services

Spectra’s kitting and fulfillment services helps you to leverage a boost in sales by creating kits. By bundling your products together, you give customers a customized solution in a box. Customers LOVE the whole kitting fulfillment concept. You’re not only a big hit with your customers, but you benefit by adding value to your business and product.

It’s the little things that make a difference in your business.

Customers feel that a business cares about them by offering several solutions in one box. Kitting is simply bundling several products in one box. If your target audience is busy mothers, why not bundle a lotion of the month, a facial cleanser, and a moisturizer. Another option would be creating a box of relaxation that includes a candle, face mask, and bath bombs.

What are the benefits of kitting and fulfillment services?

By partnering with Spectra, you gain a host of solutions that save you money and time.
  • Warehouse space for your inventory
  • Inventory management system that updates routinely and provides real-time data
  • Order management system that monitors and tracks every order end-to-end
  • Reduced packaging costs
  • Picking, packing, and custom kitting
  • Packaging optimization that minimizes waste
  • Warehouse personnel
  • Quality control
By going the extra mile in creativity, you gain points with your customers.
  • Your customer is more inclined to be a repeat buyer.
  • Customers are more prone to leave positive reviews and ratings for your business.
  • For those shopping for gifts, kitting is more appealing because of the variety in one box.
  • You stand out from other businesses.
  • Unsold kits go back into individual inventory, preventing loss of investment revenue.

kitting and fulfillment services

How does kitting and fulfillment services work?

Spectra works closely with you to bundle products together. We will rely on certain decisions you make regarding your kitting and fulfillment services.
  • How many kitted orders do you anticipate your customers ordering?
  • Based on foreseeable orders, you will need to have ample inventory reserves on hand.
  • What method of kitting do you prefer:
    • Upfront – fulfilled ahead of time for on-hand stock (less labor-intensive which saves you in costs)
    • On-Demand – fulfilled at the time order arrives (more labor-intensive)
  • Do you want creative packaging for your kitted items?
Once we have a plan in place, our fulfillment personnel will get the ball rolling. Whether you choose upfront or on-demand kitting fulfillment, the process is fairly the same.
  1. Your order is received at Spectra’s fulfillment center.
  2. Our order management team forwards the information to a kitting and fulfillment services team member who will pick the products from your inventory bins. If something requires minor assembly, the team member will assemble it.
  3. The products will be carefully placed into packaging and provided ample cushioning for protection.
  4. The kitting fulfilment team member forwards the packaged order to the shipping team, who then weighs and selects the most efficient and quickest method of shipping. A shipping label is placed on the package.
  5. The customer receives a notification with a tracking number for shipping.
  6. The appropriate shipper picks up the package, and once it arrives at its destination, delivery confirmation is forwarded to you.

HIPAA Compliance Kitting Fulfillment Solution

For our healthcare clients, our HIPAA kit fulfillment services are an invaluable resource in their efforts to stay in touch with their audience. It can be a very complicated process to compile various materials, personalize shipments, and ensure that every recipient gets the correct items, all while protecting the personal and medical information of those recipients as required under HIPAA guidelines. Spectra has worked in clinical trial recruitment and other healthcare fields for many years and is ideally situated to provide your HIPAA compliant fulfillment needs.

Sales just got a whole lot sweeter because of kitting

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In a fulfillment center, what is kitting?
Kitting is the physical act of combining multiple different products into a single package, and then creating a single SKU for that package before shipping. It’s basically what goes on behind the scenes to create a “package deal” that is easily recognizable to those picking and packing. Kitting has become very popular in recent years.
What do kitting specialists do?
Kitting specialists have a lot of work to do. This includes assisting with picking and packing of orders, unpacking and receiving inbound product shipments into the warehouse management system, as well as kitting multiple products into single packages. It’s not an easy job and they have to go through a lot of training.
What goes on behind the scenes when kitting?
Kitting is when individually separate but related items are picked, packaged, and then supplied together into one package, with a new SKU number for the package. As an example, if you are ordering an electric toothbrush, you might also want to order dental floss and mouthwash. Kitting is the process of combining all that together as one order.
In a 3PL setting, how does kitting work?
Most third-party logistic (3PL) providers offer kitting and assembly services. This includes picking and packing multiple separate but related items into a single grouping before it is packaged into one container. 3PLs are recognized for their accuracy and speed when doing this.
In shipping, what is a kit?
The process of taking separate but related items and combining them together into a new SKU is known as kitting, or warehouse kitting to be exact. Basically, individual items are pre-assembled into kits in advance of them being ordered so that when they are ordered they can go out right away rather than taking extra time to pick and pack them.
What exactly is kitting and staging?
Kitting and staging are more about being efficient and reducing waste. By packing everything together before a “kit” is ordered, there is a heightened level of efficiency particularly by eliminating extra time hunting for items in the warehouse. Customers want to get their orders as soon as possible and proper kitting and staging practices help this happen.
What is a kitting manager?
A kitting manager is a party that oversees all kitting processes. There is often a team leader that 3PLs employ in order to make sure that everything is done effectively, accurately, and timely. Kitting managers are trained in such a way that they are then able to find solutions to reduce waste.
What is Ecommerce kitting?
Kitting is the process of bundling a variety of different individual items into one package, forming a new SKU, then treated as a singular item to be ordered. In Ecommerce, products can actually be virtually kitted directly on the warehouse management system (WMS), your marketplace, or just physically kitted into sets that are prepackaged.
What are the fees in associated with kitting?
The cost behind the process of assembling a kit before shipping is known as a kitting fee. Since kits require more energy and time to box together compared to a single product, it costs more than usual. The exact cost is different per company and depends on a variety of factors.
When shipping, what exactly does kitting mean?
The process of kitting consists of taking individual but related items and packing them into one package, known as a kit. It typically involves an assembly line along with various picking and packing fulfillment methods. It’s a bit more complex than shipping a singular item.

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