Distribution Fulfillment

distribution fulfillment

Getting marketing materials and inventory to your commercial partners is one of the most critical components of your business. As such, it’s a mistake to carry out those activities with anything less than an expert team and all that current technology has to offer. Distribution fulfillment deserves your closest attention, and Spectra is ready to join your company with third-party services to make you the reliable, effective provider that your B2B customers need.

Our distribution fulfillment system is mature and has been perfected over many years of working with companies in highly demanding markets, including healthcare. We handle the entire fulfillment cycle, from inventory ordering through to shipment, plus the efficient and satisfactory processing of returns and other post-delivery inquiries. Using a powerful partner like Spectra for your distribution fulfillment not only takes pressure off your team, but opens up exciting opportunities for you to offer greater and more profitable services to more customers.

Distribution fulfillment in the modern era is about much more than keeping inventory in stock and sending it to the correct addresses upon order. Features such as online portals, personalized usernames and passwords for storefronts, and customized product catalogs can make your business a highly sought-after source for B2B materials of all kinds. While extremely effective, these systems are incredibly complex and require the support of digital technologies that can handle security, privacy, and the many other factors that go along with serving customers in this way.

Storefronts, as the customer-facing elements of your distribution fulfillment strategy, must be easy to use, navigate, and understand–after all, most of the folks using your storefronts are accustomed to shopping with popular online retailers and expect to find the same type of customer experience when they interact with you. Whether this expectation is beside the point; if your web portal experience does not deliver for them quickly and consistently, they are likely to move on to another option.

Spectra’s distribution fulfillment service includes storefronts with full customization, capable of serving your B2B customers with all the features they expect to find. By implementing personalized access through unique usernames and passwords, you can limit the items visible to customers based on their needs and access levels. You can offer customers all the services they need to view, order, and return your materials with the level of convenience that they are looking for.

Working with Spectra for distribution fulfillment doesn’t simply solve a problem for your company. It puts you in the lead as you compete to become the provider of choice for major B2B customers around the country and the world. The more versatility, power, and reliability you can offer to your customers, the more business you will do and the more quickly your organization will grow.

As you add the power of Spectra’s data driven programs to your distribution fulfillment, rest assured that the basics are taken care of as well. Each shipment that leaves our fulfillment center on its way to your customer has been expertly packed, checked multiple times via barcode scan to confirm accuracy, and logged into our powerful inventory management system for future analytics to make your services even more efficient.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about Spectra’s highly effective distribution fulfillment services and how they can benefit your company.


What is a Distribution Fulfillment Center?
A Distirbution Fulfillment Center is a facility that offers both warehousing and fulfillment services. Warehousing is simply the storage of goods, whereas fulfillment encompasses kitting services and more.
What are eCommerce fulfillment services?
eCommerce fulfillment services is the process of picking items, packing items and shipping items to a customer after they order it online. This also involves receiving inventory, storing inventory, processing orders and tracking inventory.
What is the difference between a warehouse and a fulfillment center?
Simply put, a warehouse is for the storage of products and/or goods and a fulfillment center completes orders that involves picking, packing and shipping.
What is a fulfillment distribution center?
A Fulfillment Distribution Center is pretty much the same as a Warehouse Fulfillment Center. The terms are often used interchangeably.
What are the three main functions of a Distribution Fulfillment Center?
Picking orders, packing orders and shipping orders are the three main functions of a Distribution Fulfillment Center.
How does a Distribution Fulfillment Center work?
Distribution Fulfillment Centers will receive your inventory, sort and store your products in pallets, shelves or bins and keep track of your inventory. The main goal is to ship orders out as efficiently as possible.
Are Distribution Fulfillment Centers climate controlled?
Most fulfillment centers are climate controlled and this is very important if you are going to be storing food products. Make sure you ask this question as part of your research when looking into a Distribution Fulfillment Center.
How do you determine how much warehouse space a customer will need?
The amount of space that is needed is determined by calculations which include, the amount of inventory, measurements of items, the weight of the items and whether or not they are stackable. The number of SKUs is also taken into consideration.
What is the biggest benefit of using a Distribution Fulfillment Center?
Outsourcing to a Distribution Fulfillment Center allows you to focus on your core competencies and the expansion of your business.
What is the last step of order fulfillment?
The last step of fulfillment is shipping. Once your order has been picked and packaged, it moves to the shipping department and the inventory management system is updated. Spectra will make sure that your items are shipped in secure packaging and on time!

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