3PL Fulfillment Services

3pl fulfillment


3PL Fulfillment Services That Support Your Business

Third party logistics, or 3PL fulfillment, is the system that more and more companies are relying on to deliver the results that modern customers expect when they place an order. Keeping the right amount of inventory on hand, processing incoming orders, accurately addressing and packing shipments, and handling returns are simply outside the expertise of most businesses, and they are activities that can’t be learned “on the fly.”

Customers of all kinds, including B2B clients, expect providers to provide a very high level of service, and there is no room for error–even for a business that has just opened up shop! The number of different options available and the intense level of competition among providers means that it is essential for a provider to be ready to fulfill orders accurately and consistently on day one. 3PL fulfillment is the answer to this seemingly impossible challenge.

With decades of experience in the storage and fulfillment space, Spectra acts as your company’s logistics department, giving your organization instant access to a wealth of inventory management, quality controls, and shipping systems that it would be impossible to build in-house. Our long history working with businesses like yours in 3PL fulfillment means that we are able to seamlessly integrate our expert services with your unique processes to present a unified, highly effective shipping experience to your B2B customers.

3PL Fulfillment & Warehousing

3PL fulfillment service begins with ordering and accurately managing your inventory. Spectra’s storage facility is spacious, versatile, and carefully managed by our expert team. As your stock comes in and is shipped out, our digital systems track every activity and generate metrics that help us predict trends and make the most efficient decisions about how much of your materials we should keep on hand at any given time, so that we can meet demand without shipping delays but also minimize the expense on your end of keeping items on the shelves.

3PL Shipping

When a customer places an order for your materials in 3PL fulfillment center, our pickers quickly and accurately pull the right items, pack them according to best practices and your specifications, and execute a number of checks throughout the process, including barcode scans, to catch any mistakes before the shipment leaves our facility on its way to your customer. Finally, we ship the finished package with all the tracking capabilities that today’s customers expect. This entire 3PL fulfillment story, invisible to the customer, is the power behind your ability to respond to a customer order with on-time, affordable delivery of the materials you’ve spent so much time and effort creating for them.

Returns, an often-neglected component of logistics, are a vital part of the 3PL fulfillment strategy. The way you handle a return request from a dissatisfied customer or one that made a mistake when ordering can make the difference between a restored relationship or a ruined one. Spectra’s 3PL fulfillment system provides your customers with the return experience that they expect. Meanwhile, you and your team can focus on moving your company to the next level rather than spending time processing individual requests and resolving minor issues.

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