Ecommerce Order Fulfillment


What is Ecommerce Order Fulfillment?

Ecommerce order fulfillment simply refers to the set of logistics events that must take place for an item ordered by a customer to be pulled from inventory, packed, labeled, and shipped from the fulfillment center to the customer’s address. Using a third-party fulfillment partner to provide these services increases efficiency for the Ecommerce business.

Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Shipping Solutions

Entrepreneurs looking to enter the Ecommerce industry discover that building an online store to display, advertise, and sell products is actually the easy part of the process. Managing large amounts of differing SKUs, pulling items and packaging them securely, and addressing and shipping those packages every day is much more difficult and can easily consume huge amounts of time, manpower, and margins on the part of a startup business.

When those tasks are entrusted to a 3PL with advanced Ecommerce order fulfillment shipping solutions, however, those resources can be devoted to increasing product offerings and growing the customer base instead.

Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Shipping Strategy

As with any outsourcing of business functions, there is a trade-off involved in partnering with Spectra for Ecommerce order fulfillment shipping. However, the cost of Spectra’s 3PL services gains an Ecommerce business these and other enormous advantages:

  • Instant expertise in managing inventory in the most efficient ways possible
  • Technologically driven quality control measures to maximize accuracy and minimize shipping errors
  • Careful, experienced staff for picking, packing, and kitting to avoid damage during transport
  • Bulk shipping rates unavailable to smaller operations
  • High level of expertise in returns, restocking, and other reverse logistics topics
  • Access to Spectra’s in-house print facility for production of print materials without the delays and added expense of a separate printing partner

There are many other advantages to using Spectra as a central part of your Ecommerce fulfillment shipping strategy. Contact us today to tell us about your business and to find out how our end-to-end fulfillment system can power your growth.

Prepare for the Future of Ecommerce

In recent years, advances in technology have made Ecommerce an even more important part of the global economy, and there are no indications that the trend will reverse any time soon. While that creates great opportunities for businesses to reach customers at home in new ways, it also means that there is incredible pressure for businesses that enter the space to meet and exceed the heightened expectations of those customers.

Whether a company is looking to launch a subscription box service, a replenishing service, or simply an online retail store, using an Ecommerce order fulfillment shipping service such as Spectra ensures that the company can bypass the “learning curve” and instantly incorporate expert, cost-effective Ecommerce shipping methods to stay ahead of the competition.

When building your Ecommerce business, it’s not only vital to consider the fundamental elements, but going further is beneficial by exploring things that will enhance and grow your business. You may have the best in branding, the most magnificent website, and a highly optimized storefront, but what about a fulfillment model?

Spectra is your 3PL provider to get your product into the hands of your customers. Our fulfillment services are flexible to meet your needs and highly customizable to grow your business. Best of all, you get multiple solutions with our all-in-one solution, under one roof.

Spectra Is…
  • A 3PL provider for Ecommerce fulfillment
  • HIPAA compliant certified
  • Integrity-driven with high standards that embodies who we are
  • A multiple service, all-in-one solution under one roof
  • A relationship driven single source vendor

For some clients, we operate as a 4PL. This is a fourth-party logistics provider that takes 3PL to the next level.

Specialize In Ecommerce Promotional Product Fulfillment Logistics

We understand how profoundly important it is to get your online Ecommerce order fulfillment and shipped out quickly. Your customers expect promptness in receiving their orders without delay. Spectra takes pride in fulfilling your order accurately and shipping it through the most efficient method.

We receive several types of orders each day. We have print-on-demand orders, pick/pack fulfillment orders, print orders (single runs), and orders for products to be produced, then inventoried to be used later for pick/pack fulfillment orders.

Spectra’s average delivery time is 2.47 days

The Ecommerce industry is rapidly growing to meet the demands of customers. More and more are reaching for online ordering within the comfort and safety of their home. Getting your product out to the customer quickly is increasingly becoming more challenging for those who self-fulfill. Now is the perfect time to leverage the solutions you need by partnering with a 3PL Ecommerce fulfillment service.

Multiple Solutions Bundled to Meet Your Needs

Spectra’s Ecommerce fulfillment services provide you with a variety of solutions that are bundled together and customized to meet your needs.

Building an attractive website, developing your branding, and putting a brilliant marketing plan into action are all vital to Ecommerce. However, if you are self-fulfilling your orders and doing all you can to keep your head above water, it’s time to find a solution. Partnering with a fulfillment service provides your business the support it needs to continue growing.

One of the Ecommerce business owner’s biggest complaints is not having enough time. Imagine the amount of time you will get back when you don’t have to handle and manage inventory, warehousing, picking, packing, shipping, and returns.

Spectra’s Ecommerce Fulfillment Service

By partnering with Spectra for your Ecommerce fulfillment needs, you set your business up to succeed. By bundling solutions, you save money and regain coveted time to put back into growing your business.

Our Ecommerce Fulfillment Bundled Solutions Include…

  1. Inventory Management
    • When your inventory arrives at our warehouse, we inspect it for damage while comparing it to the manifesto for quantity count.
    • The inventory is entered into our inventory management system.
  2. Warehouse Management
    • Your inventory is moved to an assigned space in our warehouse.
    • Our warehouse is protected by advanced technology that immediately alerts us for security breaches.
  3. Order Management
    • Our personnel accurately handpicks products from your inventory to fulfill orders.
    • Quality control is monitored to ensure accuracy is maintained.
    • Shipping times are chosen based on the most efficient way to get the order to the customer.
    • 24-hour turnaround time to fulfill and ship orders; same-day is also available.
    • Shipment tracking provides real-time monitoring of the order
    • Delivery notification is provided.
  4. Technology
    • Our cutting-edge software is one of the industry’s most reliable platforms.
    • Accuracy, real-time reporting, and remote access provide warehouse-wide dependability.
    • For printing needs, our HP Indigo™ 7R digital press delivers quality with rapid turnarounds.
    • Inventory reconciliation is routinely done throughout the day.
    • We are able to account for every product at any phase of fulfillment, during shipment, and upon delivery with real-time inventory or shipment tracking.
  5. Returns Management
    • In the event a return is ever warranted, we immediately reship a replacement.
    • Finding the Best Ecommerce Fulfillment
    • When it comes to having a state-of-the-art, reliable logistics infrastructure, not all fulfillment services have the reliability you can depend on. Getting your orders to your customers quickly while maintaining quality control is vital.

Best Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

When it comes to having a state-of-the-art, reliable logistics infrastructure, not all fulfillment services have the reliability you can depend on. Getting your orders to your customers quickly while maintaining quality control is vital.

Your fulfillment service should provide you with:

  • Warehousing that is safe, secure, and spacious.
  • Leading technology that provides a robust system to manage inventory, orders, and necessary data analytics.
  • Personnel to cover warehousing needs as well as Ecommerce fulfillment.
  • Same-Day and speedy shipping options.

Spectra offers all of the above and the extra added benefits of access to services such as digital printing, on-demand printing, security printing, direct mail, Ecommerce promotional product fulfillment with in-house produced products, and printed apparel.

When you choose Spectra, you get reliability from an Ecommerce fulfillment service that builds its reputation and business on honesty and integrity-driven core values.

Spectra’s “Hot-off-the-Press” Print Distribution and Fulfillment

Gets Your Print Out to your Customers FAST Via a Single-Source Vendor Solution

To learn more about Spectra’s fulfillment services, including B2B fulfillment, direct mail marketing campaigns, and other powerful offerings, contact us by email and tell us about your organization today.


What does an Ecommerce fulfillment specialist do?
Ensure customer orders are fulfilled in a timely, precise manner and properly recorded. Assemble new business sample kits and efficiently organize sample materials in the warehouse space. Maintain Ecommerce customer relationships by helping to process client quotations and transactions.
What is Ecommerce fulfillment services?
Ecommerce fulfillment refers to the part of your Ecommerce business that involves the operations post receiving the order. These include operations like storage, inventory management, order management, packing, shipping, returns, post order tracking etc.
What is Ecommerce fulfillment capability?
Ecommerce order fulfilment services help business owners process more sales and satisfy their customers with a quick delivery of the goods. The systems ensure that the warehouse is operating to its optimum capacity so that Ecommerce business owners that use the service provider receive the maximum benefit.
Why is Ecommerce fulfillment important?
Fulfillment centers enable Ecommerce merchants to outsource warehousing and shipping. This relieves online businesses of the necessary physical space to store all products, which is beneficial for merchants without the capacity to directly manage inventory.
How many types of common fulfillment are available in Ecommerce?
Generally speaking, there are three different Ecommerce fulfillment options available for online business order processing; in-house fulfillment, dropshipping, and third party logistics (3PL).
What is Ecommerce fulfillment strategy?
Customer fulfillment, or order fulfillment, refers to business strategies used to get products and services to consumers. If your business is scaling for the first time, or if years of steady growth is starting to test your company's ability to fill orders, it's time to update (or create) your fulfillment strategy.
What are Ecommerce fulfillment partners?
A fulfillment partner enables you to mitigate that off-time risk. And it's not just about logistics. Fulfilling shipments is monotonous and may not be the most effective use of your team's time. By outsourcing fulfillment, your team can focus on growth.
What are Ecommerce orders?
The e-commerce order fulfillment process involves receiving orders from an online store, picking said order out from inventory, packing it up, and shipping the order to the recipient.
What is an Ecommerce warehouse?
Ecommerce warehousing refers to the process of storing & managing inventory to be sold online. Some Ecommerce warehouses are owned and operated by the retailer, while others are managed by third-party fulfillment providers & 3PLs.
What are the functions of ecommerce?
There are three key functions of e-Commerce – marketing, finance and supply chain – which sit outside the set-up of the e-commerce website itself. You cannot do e-Commerce without marketing your store, managing payments and managing deliveries.

Spectra’s Charleston Fulfillment Center

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