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Subscription Box Fulfillment Guide

While a subscription service can be an incredibly successful offering for a company, there are many details that must all come together on a monthly basis with consistency, variety, and value for the end user. Here’s our subscription box fulfillment guide for businesses looking to enter this exciting business model:
Like many e-commerce systems, subscription boxes have become dramatically more popular in recent years, with demand showing no sign of decreasing as purchasers enjoy the convenience and cost savings of receiving a box of assorted products on a monthly basis.

What is a Subscription Fulfillment Service?

Starting long before a box of exciting, carefully curated products arrives on the front porch of a subscriber, there are a myriad of decisions that must be made and steps that must be taken. Subscription box fulfillment services provided by a 3PL expert allow a business to concentrate on those strategic elements without getting bogged down in the details of print, kitting, and shipping.

  • Contents of a subscription box can be highly varied, giving a pleasant surprise to the customer each month.
  • A subscription service can also serve to allow a customer to replenish their supply of predictably consumable products.
  • With fulfillment outsourced, your team can focus on planning the contents of each box months ahead of time.

The Spectra’s Subscription Box Fulfillment Process

Account Setup

Establish a great working relationship between you and your 3PL partner.

Initial Stocking

Store your products in our organized fulfillment centers.

Inventory Management

We are the experts at streamlining inventory of your products.

Pick and Pack

Trust us for accurate kitting of subscription box elements.

Affordable Shipping

Our experience in the industry allows us to help you find the best shipping rates for your projects.

Reverse Logistics

Returns and restocking are handled by our team with speed and efficiency.

Subscription Box Fulfillment Center of Spectra

Spectra’s subscription box fulfillment center is the perfect partner for any company that wants to send boxes of content to its members on a monthly basis without the hassle, inefficiency, and expense of assembling, addressing, and shipping those packages in house. The subscription model continues to rise in popularity with consumers who enjoy receiving a new delivery at home every month, but if not handled in an expert manner, it can become a negative financial endeavor for the business.

Fulfill your subscription boxes requirement with Spectra that can help your business exceed your subscribers’ expectations while generating a profit through highly efficient fulfillment processes.

Types of Subscription Boxes

Subscription models vary widely, from systems that help the business save money by simplifying the subscription box order fulfillment process to systems that are highly complex and that differ from month to month.

  • Subscribe and Save: The most familiar model of this subscription system, Amazon Prime, clearly illustrates its business case. In return for paying a monthly subscription fee, members gain access to certain perks, such as free or discounted shipping, lower prices on products, or special access to products before non-subscribers. In this model, the customer places orders personally as desired rather than receiving shipments on a regular basis.
  • Replenishment Subscription: In this model, the subscriber sets up regular shipments of the same product–most frequently a consumable item that is needed at predictable intervals of time.
  • Curated Subscription Boxes: Subscribers sign up to receive a unique combination of products on a regular basis (usually monthly), with the contents selected by the provider.

Advantages of Spectra’s Subscription Box Fulfillment Service

  • Highly accurate inventory management system with predictive capabilities. With Spectra in charge of your inventory, you always know exactly what is in your subscription box fulfillment center, in what quantities, and the metrics related to past subscription fulfillment projects. We’ll help you eliminate unnecessary costs incurred through overstock and understock.
  • Expert pick and pack staff. Our professionals are trained and supported with quality control processes to make sure that each subscription box that leaves our facility contains the right products and is packed carefully in subscription box order fulfillment to avoid damage during shipment. Your subscribers will love opening each package that they receive from our fulfillment center!
  • Stringent address accuracy controls. Barcoding and numerous checks along the way make our subscription fulfillment process incredibly accurate. Our many years in the fulfillment industry serving industries like healthcare and government agencies prove our capabilities in address accuracy, so that you can have confidence that the right box will reach the right end user.
  • Reverse logistics services. Returns are a common trouble topic for ecommerce companies, and assessing the condition of items and restocking them in inventory takes time and resources. We take care of these complex and time-consuming tasks
  • In-house print facility. With an integrated print facility, it’s incredibly easy for you to include high quality printed materials with each subscription box, from special offers to account notifications to catalogs and everything in between. Even short run book printing is available. With our print capabilities in house, this is another important area of cost savings for Spectra clients.
  • Versatile services. At Spectra, we make it a priority to flex our services to meet the unique set of needs that every partner brings to us.

Challenges of Subscription Box Fulfillment Services

While getting a package at the front door like clockwork may seem simple to the subscriber, there are many subscription box fulfillment challenges for the provider to overcome in order for that to happen. A provider that fails to deliver consistently, ships packages missing products or containing the wrong products, or simply disappoints the subscriber with boxes that don’t meet their expectations will find its subscription numbers and revenue falling quickly.

One of the greatest advantages for the provider of a subscription is recurring revenue–that is, monthly income that is predictable, consistent, and nearly guaranteed, allowing for sustainable growth and financial security. However, a provider that doesn’t take its responsibility seriously cannot count on that recurring revenue continuing in the coming months! In many cases, it only takes one address inaccuracy, damaged shipment, or other mistake to prompt a customer to unsubscribe.

With the help of our expert subscription box fulfillment services, on the other hand, you can rest assured that the technical details of the fulfillment process will be taken care of with extensive quality control measures. This support leaves you free to create better offerings for your customers, expand your sales, and increase that recurring revenue every month.

What Do Subscription Box Fulfillment Companies Do?

A good way to summarize the key advantages in working with a 3PL provider for subscription box services is in terms of efficiency, consistency, and cost savings.

  • Efficiency: With decades of experience in printing, shipping to complex address lists, and integrating these services seamlessly, we know how to accomplish these tasks quickly and smoothly.
  • Consistency: Subscription box customers expect their packages to arrive on time and in good condition every month. Inconsistency in this area risks the loss of subscribers and negative word of mouth that can harm future sales.
  • Cost savings: Maintaining stock for a complex system like a subscription service is difficult for most organizations and often wastes money.

What to Look For In a 3PL For Subscription Box Fulfillment

Once you have decided to partner with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) as your subscription box fulfillment center, it’s critical to decide on the right provider. Here are some key factors to consider as you assess your options:

  • Capacity: Is the 3PL’s fulfillment center large enough and equipped to handle not only the volume of your current business, but the volume that you hope to grow to as well? Switching fulfillment providers is an expensive and difficult process, and you don’t want that to be an unnecessary hindrance to growth later on.
  • Accuracy and commitment to quality: Particularly with subscription fulfillment services, it is necessary that each box be packed in a way that is both safe and attractive. The better the box looks when opened by the customer, the more likely it is that the subscription will continue and that word-of-mouth recommendation will lead to more sales.
  • Streamlined process: A process that involves many different companies is one that is vulnerable to delays, which is an enormous problem for a subscription delivery system. Spectra is an end-to-end fulfillment solution, with printing, inventory, packing, and shipping all housed within the same 3PL.
  • Teamwork: The goal in working with a 3PL is for your provider to function as closely as possible with your business’s goals, values, and processes. Ideally, your subscribers are unaware that there is a third party involved in the fulfillment process, and this can only happen when that third party understands how to incorporate your branding and other unique characteristics into your projects.

How 3PLs Can Address Subscription Box Fulfillment Challenges

Perhaps the most fundamental element with the power to make or break a subscription box fulfillment center is inventory capability. If a 3PL is not able to order and inventory all the needed products for a given subscription box project on time, it is impossible to ship the subscription box order fulfillment. As a highly experienced full service fulfillment partner, the team at Spectra knows how to monitor stock, place orders well ahead of time, and track those orders to make sure that everything is ready to go by the time the subscription box is due to be kitted and shipped.

Labor is a common pain point for e-commerce businesses that attempt to handle their fulfillment processes in-house. The periodic nature of subscription fulfillment services means that there may be a need for many experienced workers to pack boxes at certain times, while at other times the services of those workers are not required. Solving this labor puzzle is extremely difficult, and in most cases outsourcing the manpower to a 3PL partner is significantly less expensive and more dependable than grappling with the challenge every month.

Advantages To Outsourcing Your Subscription Box Fulfillment

The bottom line is that, while a subscription box fulfillment center is a complicated, busy hub with many moving parts, that center does not need to be part of your e-commerce company itself. When you outsource the fulfillment chain to a partner that you trust to handle the details with a dogged attention to quality, you suddenly gain the ability to focus your creativity and expertise on the core parts of your business and make them even better.

Many entrepreneurs in e-commerce make the mistake of assuming that the money they will save by doing fulfillment in house is the most important factor in their success. In reality, if they were able to remove the complications of fulfillment from their mind, they could implement many more great ideas, keep their current subscribers engaged, reach many more customers to enlist as new monthly subscribers, and grow their monthly revenue by leaps and bounds.

Making Customers Happy with Our Subscription Box Fulfillment

With subscription box services becoming incredibly popular in recent years for categories as diverse as beauty products, food, alcoholic beverages, toys and crafts, and even pet care products, this is a huge area of competition. Consumers have limited resources to devote to subscriptions, and thus they choose the ones that promise to bring the greatest amount of satisfaction. Subscription fulfillment services that fail to deliver on their promise of value and quality will be short-lived, replaced by competitors that have a better handle on what subscribers want.

Spectra is a subscription box fulfillment center that can help drive the success of your e-commerce business. We know what a subscriber expects when they make a monthly payment, and we have the resources and expertise within our team to deliver on that expectation. It starts with high quality packaging, careful kitting, and analytics-driven inventory management, and it ends with on-time delivery to the customer’s door. As your third party fulfillment logistics partner, Spectra’s consistency and expert handling of mailing lists, bulk shipping rates, and in-house print capabilities are all important strategic advantages in your effort to come out ahead of the competition as one of the most popular subscription providers in your field.

Subscription Box Order Fulfillment Services

Enlisting the help of an expert fulfillment provider like Spectra helps your company place itself ahead of the competition in the following ways:

  • Spectra’s inventory management and other streamlined approach lowers costs and lets you offer subscription box services at very competitive prices to your customers.
  • Customers quickly learn that your subscription boxes are consistently accurate, high quality, and on time.
  • Our reverse logistics expertise smooths the process of returns and restocking items when necessary.
  • Your team can focus on making your subscription boxes the best they can be.

Order Fulfillment Services

In addition to subscription boxes, Spectra specializes in the fulfillment of all types of shipping, direct mail, and distribution projects, including the following:

  • B2B fulfillment, allowing national brands to send customized boxes of seasonal, promotional, and other time-sensitive materials to franchisees and branch locations
  • Online storefronts and portals with unique logins to allow certain customers to see curated lists of content to choose from
  • Direct mail for marketing, clinical trial recruitment, and other campaigns
  • One-time printing and distribution of materials such as books and catalogs for special projects

Ready to Grow Your Business with Subscription Fulfillment Services of Spectra?

Whether you are just starting the process of turning your idea for a subscription box offering into a reality, or you are looking to bring some much-needed streamlining to your successful yet costly system, Spectra is one of the best subscription box fulfillment companies in US that you need at your side. It is all but impossible for an e-commerce business to achieve the efficiency, low shipping costs, and inventory management capability that Spectra offers its clients, and those advantages are key to adding subscribers and improving product offerings on a continuing basis.

We love working with new e-commerce partners to revitalize the fulfillment component of their business, and it’s very exciting to see the way they are able to expand their operations once the burden of fulfillment is lifted from their shoulders. Our goal is not just to relieve the pressures of monthly delivery with expert subscription fulfillment services, but to make you look great to your customers as they enjoy quality and accuracy each month that they just don’t see with their other subscriptions.


Can my products be incorporated into a subscription box service?
Any item that customers tend to order on a repeated basis is an ideal candidate for a subscription box service. Customers are learning to value the predictability of a recurring monthly charge for all varieties of items to arrive automatically without having to shop for them each time they are needed. You can also dictate the frequency of deliveries or make them an “on-demand” option for customers.
What if customers need replenishment at different times?
Spectra’s fulfillment systems allow for an amazing amount of flexibility and complexity within the client’s service. You can set delivery frequency for individual customers according to their needs and change those frequency settings at any time. This flexibility is a very important source of cost savings for subscription box companies, as agents are able to offer a versatile service without maintaining a complex database of customer requirements.
Can I offer an Amazon Prime-type subscription model?
As pioneers of the “free shipping” subscription system, Amazon Prime has enjoyed incredible success. With the help of an experienced 3PL provider such as Spectra, you can establish predictable costs for fulfillment and then decide whether this model is both profitable for your organization as well as attractive to the customer.
Why offer a subscription service over customers directly reordering?
Predictable income carries many significant advantages over waiting for customers to reorder items on their own initiative. It increases the probability that customers will continue purchasing from your company rather than moving to a competitor, building brand loyalty. Having a better idea of how much revenue will come in each month also gives you freedom to make investment decisions with greater confidence.
How does your integrated print facility save clients money?
Because we operate a full-service, advanced print facility in house, we are able to produce printed materials for our clients and cut out the time, expense, and other challenges of working with multiple third-party providers to get printed materials into the hands of end users.
What are the biggest dangers in subscription box fulfillment?
If deliveries are inconsistent in time, quality, or accuracy, customers quickly become disappointed and cancel their subscriptions. Expectations in the area of subscription boxes are very high, and it is essential for companies to meet those expectations with every delivery in order to retain customers and gain new ones through word-of-mouth recommendation and good publicity.
Does subscription box fulfillment apply to B2B systems?
If you are a national or regional brand that regularly sends materials to branches or franchise locations for promotions and seasonal marketing, a subscription model can be a fantastic way to streamline the process and reduce the amount of time your team spends communicating with end users and processing orders.
How do I know if a subscription system is right for my organization?
Our team is filled with experts who have spent many years fine-tuning our fulfillment operations, including subscription box fulfillment. As you consult with us and explain what your business is all about, we’ll help you think through the possibilities and settle on a model that maximizes your strengths and ours as your 3PL partner.