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Fulfillment is everything for a company that does business online–and in today’s environment, it’s becoming very rare to find a company that doesn’t. Given this fact, a partnership with a third party service providing fulfillment services Charleston is more valuable than ever before for eCommerce businesses.

Efficient inventory management and shipping can power an online retail business to incredible growth, as customers quickly learn that they can trust you for great prices and dependable fulfillment services at a warehouse in Charleston,SC and the surrounding area. On the other hand, if this is an area that your company neglects or attempts without a solid foundation of experience behind it, it will be extremely difficult for you to meet the high expectations of today’s customers.

Ready-To-Use Fulfillment Services Center and Warehouse in Charleston SC

In North Charleston, many eCommerce and B2B companies know how important warehousing and fulfillment service in Charleston, SC is, but don’t know how they can afford to give it the attention it deserves, particularly if they are just getting started in the industry. The investment needed to warehouse, manage, and ship inventory at a competitive level is simply prohibitive for many companies. Fortunately, there is a better option, and one that is ready to implement very quickly.

Third-party fulfillment service center and warehousing in Charleston enables even a very small company to accomplish fulfillment with expertise and dependability, as they rely on the technology and years of experience that we at Spectra offer. As your fulfillment partner, we function as your company’s logistics department, using our storage facility, state-of-the-art inventory management systems, and expert kitting and packing team to accomplish those all-important fulfillment activities.

Fulfillment Center Cost Considerations

Aren’t sure whether your company can afford to hire a third party logistics partner for fulfillment services at a warehouse in Charleston, SC? You may be looking at the finances the wrong way. The cost of handling warehousing and inventory management in house, even at a rudimentary level, is significant. You must also factor in the potential loss of business due to shipping errors, delays caused by items being out of stock, and the other many things that can go wrong when fulfillment is not a top priority.

On the other hand, the advantages you gain with the help of an expert in fulfillment services in North Charleston will help your business expand and potentially branch out into other areas, as your fulfillment capabilities become a powerful asset rather than a problem spot in your business model. A streamlined inventory system that anticipates demand and orders stock accordingly minimizes your company’s expenses, and our bulk shipping practices mean lower shipping prices for you when your orders go out the door. These are just a few of the many advantages that you gain when you invest in a partnership with Spectra.

World-Class Fulfillment Services Center and Warehouse and in Charleston, SC

Meeting your customers’ needs is your company’s number one goal, whether you are engaged in B2B or retail eCommerce. The biggest component of reaching that goal is to fulfill every customer’s order according to expectations, and that is most effectively done by using a fulfillment service and warehouse with years of experience and an advanced, technology-based system. From our rigorous quality control safeguards to customer-centric return protocols, Spectra is the ideal solution to make your company a top contender in the online market. So, just search in Google “fulfillment center near me” and contact us today!


What does it mean to outsource fulfillment?
The answer is outsourcing fulfillment refers to hiring a third-party logistics company (3PL), to manage some of or the entire order fulfillment process. This involves managing a warehouse, receiving inventory, picking and packing, kitting, and then the shipping process. Spectra takes pride in the fact that we have developed custom technology to simplify processes and ensure that everything is done accurately.
When is the best time to outsource warehousing?
This is a great question. Many companies start out by doing everything in-house, but when it comes time to expand, or if you are anticipating the need to expand, it can be really difficult to adapt without getting a 3PL involved. If you start to fall behind, customers will notice fast and you can quickly lose your reputation. No one wants to deal with inaccurate or missing orders, delayed shipping, and the other hassles that come from warehouses not being managed properly.
What is the purpose of outsourcing warehousing and fulfillment?
Considering the fact that you probably didn’t start your business with the vision of focusing on fulfillment for most of your working time, outsourcing your warehousing and fulfillment will lead to you being able to focus on growing your business and letting experienced professionals manage everything to do with orders. You will be able to scale and be efficient without your need to get involved with fulfillment. Outsourcing your fulfillment to a 3PL will help maintain profits.
What is the order fulfillment process?
The order fulfillment process refers to everything that goes on behind the scenes after a customer places their order until they get it in their hands. The biggest part of this is ensuring that the orders are delivered accurately and timely. The three main processes are receiving the order, picking and packing, shipping, and then sometimes dealing with the returns process.
What does online fulfillment refer to?
Online order fulfillment refers to all the systems of the fulfillment process, including receiving inventory, picking and packing, shipping, and managing returns. If your business is very small, it can typically be managed in-house for a certain period of time. But as your business gets larger, it will almost always require the need to partner with a 3PL like Spectra.
Is fulfillment seen as a logistic process?
Yes, absolutely. In fact, fulfillment logistics is a very important part of the supply chain, involving everything to do with the transportation of goods. Beyond that, there are other things behind the scenes like storing inventory, picking and packing, and managing returns. Not many people think about this when they are simply just pressing a few buttons during checkout and then waiting for their product to arrive.
How much does it cost to partner with a 3PL?
It really does depend on the services that you require. There will be a variety of different fees that will need to be dealt with. It may sound like a lot, but considering the amount you are already paying in rent, utilities, labor, insurance, etc., you are very likely to save money. Above that, you can be 100% confident in the fact that you will be saving money, which helps you focus on growth.
How long does it take for you to ship orders to our customers?
First of all, it’s important that we receive the correct address information. Then it will automatically check to see if we have the item in stock. But if that’s all in order, and it usually is, the orders will usually go out the same day if placed by 2 pm EST. Excluding holidays, the majority of orders will always ship within 24 hours during the week.
What role does a 4PL have in the supply chain?
A fourth-party logistics provider (4PL) basically takes 3PLs to the next level. This is done through an extra layer of managing infrastructure, technology, resources, and finding additional supply chain solutions for partners. 4PLs are not very common and it is recommended to stick with a 3PL such as Spectra for your needs.
Should I use a fulfillment company in the greater Charleston area for national fulfillment?
Yes, absolutely. Spectra in particular has the ability to reach 182 million people with 2-day ground delivery. Outsourcing order fulfillment has many benefits, such as reduced operating costs and a broader reach to help you grow into new markets. Our main headquarters are in North Charleston but we can reach places everywhere in the US every day.

Spectra’s Charleston Fulfillment Center

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