Your Trade Printing Partner

January 27, 2020 690 views No Comments

We are a modern, digital printing company that provides print materials to resellers at wholesale rates. Digital printing providers for the trade must be expeditious, of the highest quality, priced for resale and utilize real-time online automation for communication between the print buyer and the digital trade printer. A thorough understanding of your business is key to long-term partnering success.

Spectra offers many services to the trade. We print everything from business cards to books, including special printing techniques such as sleeking or soft-touch laminating. Let us help you with your large format needs such as banners, yard signs, pop-up displays and more. If you need assistance with mailings, there’s no need to use multiple vendors, we provide all mailing services in house.

Multiple shipping options are available to ensure timely delivery to your customers. To protect your brand, we are happy to blind ship your orders to the end user for you, brand them with your name or ship them directly to you. Our name will never appear on or within any shipment.

We promise to offer quality and reliability because we know it’s your reputation that is on the line! Contact us today for a quote.

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