How HIPAA Compliant Mailing Can Help Your Company

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HIPAA compliance solutions are at the heart of Spectra. We are committed to ensuring that your company has HIPAA compliance fulfillment solutions and HIPAA compliant mailing. Through our digital printing solutions, you can rest assured that all of your mail is HIPAA compliant and not breaching any security.

All in all, HIPAA compliance solutions are important because you want to make sure that all your clients or patients are being treated with respect and that all privacy requirements are being met. Your compliance solutions will largely depend on the size of your company and the areas that you serve. There are several sets of regulations that you will be required to follow from different acts of legislation.

A great place to start is keeping all your communication and mailing fully HIPAA compliant.

Becoming HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The main purpose is to keep data confidential and was originally passed by Congress in 1996. It ensures that every citizen’s personal health information is protected and not shared with anyone.

Spectra is committed to keeping all HIPAA practices, especially for HIPAA compliant printing companies. We have several practices and protocols in place to make sure that every piece of mail is protected. With our services, all of your printing resources will be affordable and risk-free.

Why You Should Always Work With a HIPAA Compliant Printer

To save you money and keep you protected; HIPAA-compliant printers should be used so that you do not have to worry about direct mail potentially violating HIPAA requirements.

Always check a company’s training procedures and infrastructure before agreeing to work with them. Check that the company’s printer can protect data and that it is fully HIPAA compliant certified. A good company will willingly provide you with all this information if you ask for it or tell you about it upfront.

If any rules are broken during printing, it could affect your company both legally and personally. You could owe serious fines and potentially lose your hard-earned business. It is best to avoid these issues from the very beginning by using a compliant printer.

Employees Will Work Safely

HIPAA compliance solutions include putting all employees through in-depth training before they are allowed to begin working. Ask every company you are working with how they train their employees and how often.

Companies should also be providing refresher courses and seminars to keep their employees properly up to date on procedures. At Spectra, we train through every phase of the direct mail procedures. We also have structures in place to constantly supervise that all of the HIPAA protocols are being met by every single employee and manager.

Data That Needs to Be Protected Under HIPAA

When reviewing a partner for printing, ensure that all HIPAA information is protected. This includes a wide variety of things. Specifically, ask what the company promises to protect and how they do it.

What Is HIPAA Compliant Mailing Used For?

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and explanation of coverage (EOC) is the main part of HIPAA compliant mailing. Spectra also provides correspondence to patients that may include invoices or letters.

If there are any breaches of securities, HIPAA mailing can also send the security of notifications.

Why Do I Need to Work Use These Services?

Successfully running a clinical trial or other health organization can be difficult and oftentimes stressful. Any HIPAA compliant services that you use should take away some burdens of running your business.

Using a HIPAA-compliant printer can get mail directly to your patients much quicker than if you tried to do it yourself. This is especially useful when you are recruiting people or reaching a large number of patients.

Key Takeaways

HIPAA compliance solutions at Spectra are a great way to keep all of your patient’s information protected and secure. With the printers and digital solutions, you can focus on other parts of your business and leave the HIPAA solutions to us.

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