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Ecommerce Fulfillment Services in Charleston

The success of an Ecommerce business depends, to an incredible extent, on its fulfillment process. While the appearance of a website, online catalog, and ordering process are obviously important, in the end those features mean very little if fulfillment doesn’t happen according to the customer’s expectations. A service that provides 3PL in Charleston is the key element missing from your customers’ Ecommerce experience.

3PL stands for third-party logistics, and it refers to the system that many of the most effective Ecommerce companies use in order to get their products to their valued customers as reliably and efficiently as possible. You already know that a good experience inclines a customer to give your website a great review and refer you to others, while a bad experience can cause great harm to your reputation and make it very difficult to attract new customers. Don’t take chances with those critical relationships–entrust them to the experts in Ecommerce fulfillment services in Charleston.

Big-League Services for Small Businesses

How can your startup, small business, or quickly growing online store compete with the Ecommerce giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Target? As difficult as the task may seem, your company can provide the same high level of service that customers have learned to expect from online retailers–not after years of research and millions of dollars of investment, but simply by partnering with Spectra, the experts in 3PL in Charleston. Your contract with us instantly outfits your company with all the infrastructure you need to become a competitive force in the online marketplace.

As one example of the competitive advantages you gain by working with Spectra for Ecommerce fulfillment services in Charleston, consider inventory management. It’s essential for you to stock just the right amount of inventory, not spending too much money on stock that isn’t needed but also not getting caught off guard by orders for items that you don’t have available to ship out. At Spectra we utilize advanced software that not only tracks what inventory is in stock, but also provides detailed metrics and helps our team anticipate demand and order stock accordingly.

Avoiding Fulfillment Issues

There are many things that can go wrong with Ecommerce fulfillment services in Charleston, and we at Spectra understand how important it is to identify, mitigate, and avoid those potential problems as completely as possible. Our quality control protocols are rigorous, employing barcoding and multiple checkpoints to verify that a shipment contains the correct items and is headed to the correct address at the right time, packed safely to prevent damage during shipment.

The return process is another area where problems can arise. A customer who is already potentially dissatisfied with a product that does not meet their expectations or which may have been ordered mistakenly is at an important point when they enter the return process. If that process is easy, convenient, and shows your company’s empathy for the customer, you could gain that customer’s confidence in a meaningful way. Needless to say, an unpleasant return experience will degrade the customer relationship.

Your Source for 3PL in Charleston

Put your business in the forefront of the competition by taking advantage of the power of Ecommerce fulfillment services in Charleston. Spectra is ready to provide the warehousing, inventory, and shipping services that you need to satisfy your customers each and every time.


What are Ecommerce Fulfillment Services?
An Ecommerce order is placed online and the fulfillment company is charged with processing the order. This process includes the picking and packaging of orders and shipping. Another part of the fulfillment process is receiving inventory, storing products and tracking inventory and orders.
How do you make the right decision in choosing an Ecommerce fulfillment center?
Location can be a factor because of shipping times. Spectra’s Ecommerce Fulfillment Center in Charleston, SC can ship to 182 million people within 2 days. Making the right choice also depends on your order volume, what you want to manage yourself, your products and more.
How do fulfillment services work?
Fulfillment centers receive inventory, sort products, warehouse products and use Inventory Management Systems (IMS) to keep track of inventory. One of the most important services is the shipping of products to the end-user in a timely manner.
What are some of the steps involved in Ecommerce Fulfillment?
There are many steps involved with fulfillment, but the most important steps are: receiving inventory products, the storage of inventory products, the processing of orders, shipping orders and handling returns.
What are some different types of Ecommerce Fulfillment Centers?
There are multiple terms and types of Ecommerce Fulfillment Centers. Some people refer to them as Fulfillment Distribution Centers. A lot of people confuse a warehouse with a fulfillment center, but a warehouse mostly stores goods. Some types of fulfillment centers are: cold storage, on-demand storage and pick, pack and ship centers.
What are the most important functions of Ecommerce Fulfillment Centers?
The most important functions are picking orders, packing orders and shipping orders in a timely manner.
What does order fulfillment mean?
Order fulfillment refers to the process of fulfilling a sales order based on the customer’s specifications. The end-user can be an Ecommerce online customer or an employee of a corporation.
Does Ecommerce Fulfillment refer to online ordering only by consumers?
No, not necessarily. A lot of major corporations use Ecommerce Fulfillment Services as a tool for their retail outlets or distributors to place orders.
How do I get information about Ecommerce Fulfillment Centers?
The best thing to start with is a Request For Quotation (RFQ). Make sure you include items such as: order processing, inventory management systems, shipping services and billing and payment processing.
What is the last step in Ecommerce Order Fulfillment?
The last step in the fulfillment process is the shipping department. After shipping, the inventory management system is updated to monitor your inventory. Spectra makes sure your items are packaged securely and shipped on time!

Spectra’s Charleston Fulfillment Center

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