HIPAA Compliant Mailing

One of Spectra’s services includes an all-in-one-solution with printing and direct-mailing media for our healthcare customers. We are HIPAA Compliant mailing certified. Our print management team is trained to handle direct mailing projects in a manner that stays within the guidelines of HIPAA. We preserve the confidentiality of protected health information (PHI) through every phase of printing, fulfillment, shipping, and delivery.

What is HIPAA?

Congress passed an act in 1996 to standardize the handling of an individual’s PHI. This act is what’s known as HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.) Standards are enforced under HIPAA to protect confidential data on a person through secure protocols. People now have the right to have their personal information safeguarded and protected under HIPAA.

Mailings sent to a targeted audience with health-related content must comply with HIPAA. Data management of PHI must be protected and kept confidential.

At Spectra, if waste comes from jams or other issues, pieces are shredded. Our facility has cameras and entry management. We also print direct mail pieces that mail to potential clinical trial volunteers.

Personal Data (PHI) That Falls Under HIPAA

HIPAA compliant mailings should not have the following:

  • Health Conditions
  • Medical Equipment
  • Finances
  • Address
  • Health Plan
  • Health Provider
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Death
  • Treatment-Related
  • Social Security Number
  • Photos
  • Finger Prints
  • Phone number

HIPAA Compliant Mailing Uses

  • Correspondence to patients that include invoices, statements, or letters.
  • Inserts included with correspondence to a patient.
  • EOBs (explanation of benefits)
  • EOCs (explanation of coverage)
  • Breach of security notifications
  • Educational mailers on medical procedures

How Spectra Maintains HIPAA Compliance

We maintain strict adherence to HIPAA through a series of best practices and protocols to ensure every piece of a HIPAA compliant mailing is secure. Through a streamlined multiple-process model, Spectra protects the integrity of PHI in HIPAA printing and mailings while employing stringent quality control measures. We provide you an effective, secure print solution that is cost-effective, risk-reduced, and HIPAA compliant.

Our 3-Ps For HIPAA Compliance: Procedures, Protection, and Planning

Personnel who directly manage HIPAA-related materials must undergo rigorous training to adequately and safely maintain data integrity through every phase of a direct mail. Additionally, Spectra has practiced in place to monitor adherence to HIPAA protocols.

Procedure: Throughout the Printing and HIPAA Compliant Mailing Process

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Standards of Conduct
  • HIPAA Training

Protection: Over PHI Throughout the Printing and HIPAA Compliant Mailing Process

  • Privacy Officer/Data Manager – Brandon Redding

Benefits of Partnering With a HIPAA Compliant Printer

Violating HIPAA can result in hefty fines. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your direct mail does not compromise PHI or HIPAA compliance. Preserving and protecting personal data is something any reputable business should strive for.

Leaky, insecure infrastructure easily leads to data breaches, which can result in identity theft. It’s vital that your printer is not only HIPAA compliant certified, but also has the technology in place to protect data. The repercussions of failing to have these necessary tools and strategies onboard lead to HIPAA fines and potential legal issues.

You have a trusted partner with Spectra when it comes to your HIPAA compliant mailing. Give us a call today.

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