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Healthcare Direct Mail Services


Healthcare Direct Mail Services

Within the field of direct mail, healthcare mailing comes with its own set of complexities. As healthcare facilities and organizations send information out to patients and potential patients, they deal with information that those in other industries don’t often have to consider. Protected health information, or PHI, is closely governed by strict guidelines, and medical mailing campaigns must abide by those guidelines, which are primarily dictated by HIPAA regulations.

As a third-party mailing services provider with HIPAA certification and an in-house advanced print facility, Spectra is a great fit for organizations that need to conduct secure mailings that involve PHI.

How Direct Mail Healthcare Marketing Works

In direct healthcare mailing, marketing managers have to be careful to protect regulated information types during all stages of the process. While most people think of data breaches in terms of mail being intercepted, data can also be exposed during the print and fulfillment process unless strict data security measures are in place. HIPAA certification at Spectra encompasses the entire fulfillment chain, from receiving data from the client to printing materials and mailing them to their end users.

Why Medical Direct Mail Marketing is Effective

While HIPAA rules are wide-ranging and complex already, they become even more so when applied to digital communications. Medical mailing has been used by healthcare organizations for many years to deliver bills, updates, insurance information, and marketing messages to those on their mailing lists, and the procedures to protect data during those processes are fairly well established. Using SMS text, email, and other digital communication methods to convey PHI, on the other hand, are more complicated for the sender, though they may be more convenient for the recipient. Direct mail remains the preferred strategy for marketing and other medical mailing efforts.

Create a Unique Message with Personalized Direct Mail and Printing

Medical care is deeply personal, and the best direct healthcare mailing campaigns are the same way. One of the factors that makes medical mailing so difficult for healthcare organizations to handle in house is the high level of personalization that is necessary, given the individualized nature of health factors. Reaching a large number of patients in a given geographical area, each one with a completely personalized piece of correspondence carrying their personal information, account information, and other details is cost prohibitive for all but the largest, most well funded institutions. Partnering with Spectra is an easy and affordable way to create personalized mail campaigns.

Top Performing Healthcare Service Mailers

While Spectra serves clients in a variety of different industries, the team has special experience with direct healthcare mailing, having worked with clinical trial recruitment agencies and other health organizations for many years. We proudly maintain HIPAA certification for our print and fulfillment services, assuring our clients that we take the privacy of their patients’ PHI very seriously. Our deep level of experience in this field allows us to give private practices, hospitals, and other groups exceptional service in their mailing campaigns.

Increase The Response Of Your Next Healthcare Campaign with Direct Healthcare Mailing

Spectra’s range of offerings for direct healthcare mailing campaigns ensures that each client has access to the mailer types, papers, styles, sizes, and response methods that will be most effective in encouraging high response rates. In planning a campaign, our medical mailing experts guide clients in choosing between postcard, envelope, pressure seal, and other mailer types, as well as specialty security measures that ensure that patients’ PHI stays invisible until the mailer arrives in the intended recipient’s mailbox.

Reach Your Healthcare Mailing Lists With Accuracy

There is very little room for error with a medical mailing list. Sending a patient’s diagnosis, account information, or personally identifiable data to the wrong address is a serious breach of privacy, creating waves of mistrust and wasted resources that must be spent on mitigation efforts on the part of the sender.

With the help of Spectra, your healthcare mailing list will be checked for accuracy, protected from exposure, and regularly updated to ensure that each mailing campaign goes according to plan. Call or email us today to learn more about our HIPAA compliant practices and data security protocols for medical mailing projects.

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