Have Fun While Video Conferencing!

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Remote meetings have become the norm for most organizations and let’s face it, it’s different. You don’t always know when to speak or when it’s your turn. A lot of companies recommend using a well-defined agenda or holding up your hand. The quality of the meeting can also depend on who is conducting the meeting. Boring meetings are tough to sit through and one of the biggest challenges is how to keep people engaged.

Making a meeting more interactive, or using good visuals can make a remote meeting more exciting. Icebreakers allow you to open up the chat for conversation. Ask everyone to introduce themselves and then share something interesting about themselves. Make small talk. Small talk is a good way to make people feel connected, even if it’s something as simple as the weather or a joke that gets everyone laughing.

Ways to improve your video conferencing:

  1. Use the right camera
  2. Begin calls with an audiovisual check
  3. Optimize the backdrop
  4. Find the right lighting
  5. Introduce everyone
  6. Use hand raising in video calls
  7. Provide a well-defined agenda before all calls
  8. Use Icebreakers
  9. Make small talk
  10. Make it interactive

You need to make your meetings fun by making them interactive. Using good visuals and lively interactions from time to time make the meeting more exciting. Using powerful, yet easy to use interactive tools will increase digital interactions.

Introducing Mymoji™, the newest and most innovative, interactive, remote meeting tool! This interactive product was developed as a creative tool to be used for video conferencing while working remotely. Perfect for small and large businesses, non-profit organizations, schools and more. With ten different options to express your thoughts, it’s the perfect icebreaker and will definitely create small talk. Enhance your online presence with your very own personalized Mymoji™. Order yours today and make your remote meetings more fun and interactive with Mymoji™, the new way to communicate!

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