Looking for a Fulfillment Expert?

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You may wonder, why should I use a fulfillment company? Outsourcing order fulfillment has many benefits, such as reduced operating costs, a broader reach to grow into new markets, and working with a fulfillment provider allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. Also, referred to as a 3PL, great fulfillment services start with superior warehousing and inventory practices. With over 25 years of fulfillment experience, we are fulfillment experts!

What is a fulfillment center? A fulfillment center is the place from which a third-party logistics provider (3PL) fulfills orders for businesses and corporations. The purpose of a fulfillment center is to get online orders shipped in a timely fashion while managing inventory for each product. Fulfillment is a challenging yet crucial process. The term fulfillment warehouse is often interchanged with the term fulfillment center.

A fulfillment center (3PL) is a complex operation with continuous movement. Some of the fulfillment services include:

  • Receiving inventory
  • Generating pick lists and picking products
  • Kitting and assembling items
  • Packing boxes
  • Labeling shipments
  • Shipping orders
  • Managing returns

If your products contain food items, make sure your that your fulfillment provider is registered with the FDA. To protect your non-perishable food products, a secure, climate controlled and sprinklered warehouse is a must!

Look for a fulfillment provider that offers same day shipping to gain shorter shipping time. Accuracy is vital as mistakes in picking and packing orders can cost you customers. A fulfillment center is also a technology service center. Make sure you use a provider that offers you a storefront or dashboard where you can log into your inventory management system to access real-time data and reporting. This is critical for maintaining adequate inventory levels, so you don’t run out of product. You should be able to manage your inventory by using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Inventory management can often be an operational problem for many businesses, as well as costly, and it is imperative that inventory is accounted for. Outsourcing fulfillment tightens control over inventory management. Fulfillment centers make inventory management much easier and allows businesses more time to focus on their core competencies.

Technology is at the center of any modern fulfillment company. When selecting an outsourced warehouse and fulfillment partner, it’s important to make sure they can integrate with your software. This makes it easier to keep track of orders and send customers tracking information. Fulfillment can be very time-consuming and complicated, so outsourcing can streamline your business.

You should look for a fulfillment center that is centrally located. Right in the middle of South Carolina, Spectra is halfway between Miami and New York and conveniently located to both the ports of Charleston and Savannah. With a global vision for logistics and distribution, we warehouse, kit, pick and pack and distribute to the world. We offer product assembly, product returns, and ship any type of shipment to your customers.

Looking for Third Party Fulfillment Services, choose the experts with a proven track record of over 25-years!

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