Spectra Rebrands

December 4, 2019 794 views No Comments
Spectra Eye - Logo Full Color

Staying relevant is important to any brand. In keeping up with changes in the market place, Spectra Integration is fine tuning its presence with a new look and a new logo! Let’s start with the name. Spectra Integration is a mouthful and most people refer to the company as Spectra anyway, so Spectra it is.

The new logo evolved around many conversations regarding brand and what products are offered to customers today. When Spectra was first created in 2002 it was mostly a commercial offset printing company. Always in the forefront, Spectra was one of the first companies to offer variable printing-on-demand in the local market. As the years passed the printing industry continued to change and more services were added to the portfolio. Fulfillment and warehousing along with promotional items and apparel were added making Spectra a Marketing Services Provider. Integrated data continued to become more important as data-driven printing programs became more and more popular. Now, geographical location no longer plays a factor with the ability to order items on customized online storefronts with e-commerce.

Spectra logos for all printing requirements

Is Spectra truly just a printing company? No, Spectra has been providing customized solutions to clients for years. Using talent and technology, Spectra will not turn down a project request without fully investigating the scope of work. So, when it’s all said and done, we finally figured out that “We See Solutions“. Welcome to our new brand!

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