Cross Docking Warehouse Services in South Carolina


A cross docking warehouse adds valuable flexibility to the way your company fulfills orders. Spectra’s services are designed to meet your fulfillment needs in the most efficient way possible, and our digital systems make it easy to utilize cross docking to streamline the journey of materials from the manufacturer to your end customer. When you put Spectra’s team of experts in control of your warehousing and distribution services, you can trust us to find the best option for each online order fulfillment need.

What are Cross Docking Warehouse Logistics Services?

A less familiar term in our industry, cross docking services refer to the practice of moving materials between transportation modes (usually between tractor trailers) with minimal or no intermediate storage. A fulfillment partner with this capability can save costs by eliminating the need for storage shelf space, as well as saving time by eliminating the need to inventory incoming materials to the warehouse. While it is a complex activity to manage, cross-docking is a very powerful service when managed well.

Why Spectra for Cross Docking Warehouse Services?

  • Over 18 years of success in the fulfillment industry
  • Sophisticated digital inventory management systems
  • Cross docking company with fulfillment centers in North Charleston and Columbia, SC
  • Longstanding relationships with transport companies
  • Deep knowledge of the B2B and B2C fulfillment industries
  • Focused, responsive client support
  • Many additional print/mailing/fulfillment services to choose from

Advantages of Spectra’s Cross Dock Warehouse

Handling fulfillment activities in house is, for most companies, a mistake that wastes valuable space, time, and employee resources. A cross docking warehouse like Spectra’s, managed by experienced staff and powered by efficient digital management systems, immediately eliminates the “learning curve” for your company and makes you a fulfillment expert from the perspective of your customers.

Streamline your Company’s Supply Chain with Spectra

For many years, Spectra has been helping companies offer and fulfill orders to B2B customers, often through the creation and management of online storefronts and other powerful solutions. Our cross docking service is just another in our long list of services that can quickly and seamlessly fit into your company’s operations to help you meet your customers’ expectations each and every time they place an order with you.

Be as Efficient as You Can Be

In today’s environment, efficiency is an undisputed major factor in the growth of a company that ships materials to end customers. Cross docking can help you score huge gains in efficiency, solidifying your positive reputation with customers.


What is cross-docking?
Cross-docking refers to the transfer of goods with little or no storage in between.
Who offers cross-docking services?
Warehouses and fulfillment centers alike can offer cross-docking services.
Is there such a thing as emergency cross-docking?
Yes, there is emergency cross-docking. Sometimes deliveries can arrive at a destination to find that the facility is full or closed. Logistics then demand that the delivery has to find an alternative storage facility.
What is the purpose of cross-docking?
The purpose of cross-docking is to eliminate the storage of goods; however, the goods can be stored for a short-term period of time if necessary.
How long are goods stored in cross-docking?
The length of storage in cross-docking depends upon the agreement with the final destination receiver. In many cases, there is no storage during the cross-docking process.
What is one advantage of cross-docking?
Cross-docking can eliminate the need for warehousing or storage, saving money during the transportation process.
What is an example of cross-docking?
Cross-docking can be the unloading of a railcar or trailer directly onto outbound transport. This eliminates the cost of storage and warehousing.
Who uses cross-docking services?
Many industries use cross-docking services, typically distributors and retailers.
What is a disadvantage of cross-docking?
The appropriate number of carriers must be utilized to support the operations of cross-docking. It is primarily dependent upon trucking and the cost can be higher.
Will the cross-docking industry continue to grow?
The future looks bright for cross-docking. Driverless trucks are already being tested in different parts of the world.

Spectra’s Charleston Fulfillment Center

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