Mail Fulfillment

Mail Fulfillment

Direct Mail Fulfillment Services

With all of the advances happening in digital advertising today, it could be easy to assume that more traditional methods of getting in touch with potential customers are no longer relevant. Not so fast! In reality, direct mail fulfillment services have made technological advances in their own right and have made mail a more powerful marketing approach than it has ever been.

Mail Fulfillment Services

Emails, website banner ads, and text messages are all relatively easy for the recipient to ignore–that is, if they make it past spam filters and ad blocking software in the first place. A piece of mail, on the other hand, is guaranteed to pass through the hands and under the eyes of the addressee. If that piece of mail is professionally packaged and attracts attention in an appropriate way, you as the advertiser stand a very good chance of making a good impression with a potential new customer.

Benefits offered by Mail Fulfillment Companies

One of the most important benefits that mail fulfillment companies like Spectra offer to clients is data accuracy. When you send your mailer, postcard, or letter to many thousands of addressees, you don’t want to waste your investment on vacant houses, outdated addresses, or clerical errors that cause your pieces to be returned. Spectra maintains accurate mailing lists, frequently updating addresses to account for moves, deaths, and other events and ensure that your marketing materials make it into the hands of your audience.

Does your advertising look like “junk mail”? The best direct mail fulfillment services understand that busy people don’t have time to take a closer look at unprofessional, low-quality mailers. Spectra, which includes an in-house printing facility as well as a world-class fulfillment center, has the expertise to design attractive, highly professional materials that won’t be overlooked when they arrive in the mailbox.

Spectra’s Ability as one of the Best Mail Fulfillment Companies

Spectra offers levels of complexity and personalization that you won’t find at many other mail fulfillment companies. Options such as unique usernames and passwords for online portals, variable data printing, and even HIPAA compliant services for clinical trial and other medical industry sectors are all well within our abilities.

Why Choose Spectra’s Direct Mail Fulfillment Services

Another huge reason to choose the direct mail fulfillment services offered by Spectra is affordability. We have access to bulk postage rates and other discounts that dramatically lower the final cost of your marketing campaigns, and we also offer options such as pressure seal mailing, which not only reduces the cost of each mailer but also improves opening rates–a win for everyone.

Quick and Reliable Mail Fulfillment

Rediscover the power of mail! Your customers and potential customers check their mail every day, and with the right direct mail fulfillment services behind your campaign, you can place your offers and invitations in front of them in a way that digital approaches simply can’t match. The equipment in our full-service printing facility is highly advanced, capable of producing beautiful, professional, and incredibly effective materials for your business. And our mail fulfillment center, powered by carefully maintained and updated mailing lists, is ready to get those materials to your audience quickly, reliably, and affordably. Contact us today to start your direct mail fulfillment services.


What is mail fulfillment?
Mail fulfillment is taking printed materials, packaging them and preparing them for mailing or shipping.
Can you send mail fulfillment first class?
Yes, that is actually the preferred method of delivery as the post office will make more of an attempt to get your package delivered.
Is there such a thing as presort first class?
Yes there is. Presort first class will save you on postage.
How do you save money on postage?
Sending mail presorted is the best way to save money on postage. The more work we do for the post office will reduce your postage cost.
Is there a minimum requirement to send mail presorted?
Yes, you must mail at least 200 packages to qualify for presort standard rates.
Is there a minimum quantity to send mail first class presort?
Yes, you must mail at least 500 pieces to qualify for first class presort rates.
What is the difference between bulk mailing and presort mailing in direct mail services?
Technically it is the same thing. The older terminology for mailing large amounts was called bulk mailing. The more updated terminology is presort.
Can mailing fulfillment be done on demand?
Absolutely it can. Print on demand or POD is a big part of mailing fulfillment. It allows you to print only the amounts that you need and print and mail them in a timely fashion.
Can mailing fulfillment be personalized?
Yes, in today’s digital world, personalization or VDP (variable data printing) is extremely popular.
Does the use of VDP (variable data printing) increase the chance of your mailing piece being opened?
It most certainly does. Studies have shown that the more personalized the piece, the greater the opening rate.

Spectra’s Charleston Fulfillment Center

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