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Security Printing

You should never have to blindly trust a printer to provide you with crucially-needed secured document printing. It’s paramount that a printer possesses the skills and expertise, when it comes to security levels and layer authentication.

Spectra’s print management team knows and understands security levels and how to apply specific methods of printing to secure a document. Security printing is very complex and is not as simple as adding a watermark.

The Technology of Spectra’s HP Indigo™ 7R digital press provides an array of secured printing options to safeguard the integrity of your printed media.

Methods Used for Security Printing

There are different methods of printing that provide the necessary level of security in a print job. Within the printing industry, secured printing is prioritized as one of three levels. Different customers have different needs; however, when it comes to the level of desired security, we employ one or more of the three methods.

Levels of Security

Level 1

Printing Method: Overt (low layer of authentication)

  • Easily seen by the naked eye
  • Images or text are embedded within the document using a specific security ink.

Level 2

Printing Method: Semi-Covert (medium layer of authentication)

  • Can be seen with the use of a microscope, magnifying glass, or UV light device.
  • Images or text are embedded within the document using a specific security ink.

Level 3

Printing Method: Covert (highest layer of authentication)

  • Invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen by special forensic devices
  • Images or text are embedded within the document using a specific security ink.

Elements Used for Security Printing

Security Inks

Spectra’s HP Indigo™ 7R digital press uses proprietary ink that provides the layer of appropriate authentication as required for security purposes.

  • Color shifting
  • Hologram
  • Invisible
  • UV-responsive
  • IR-responsive

Embedding Features

Security printing utilizes a variety of elements to embed them into the paper.

  • Patterns
  • Micro-lettering
  • Backgrounds
  • Lines
  • Images
  • Barcodes
  • Serial Numbers
  • Watermarks
  • Horizontal or vertical numbering

Deterring Counterfeiters

Prevention of counterfeiting, copying, or scanning is undeniably the reason behind security printing. The general public has technology at their fingertips, making it easy to reproduce something. Color copiers, apps, and software, along with skill, makes the perfect marriage for illegal reproduction of a secured document. The printing industry has some rather creative innovations up their sleeves that protect you, and your printed media.

In addition to the numerous security inks and elements that place added protection, Spectra also employs an innovative way to produce copy-resistant documents. As part of our security printing services, we can use “void pantographs.” When attempting to reproduce a document, a hidden message appears, voiding the document out. (Walter will need to approve this)

Why trust Spectra to handle your security-sensitive printing needs?

Spectra’s core values are based on a commitment to quality, brand management and a trusted relationship. That’s important when it comes to entrusting a printer with your security printing needs. We provide you integrated solutions that safeguard your document(s.)

Contact us today to find out more about our specialized techniques for your secure document needs.


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