Why is Spectra, a PSP (Print Services Provider), HIPAA Compliant?

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Data protection, also known as data privacy, is the process of safeguarding information from corruption, compromise or loss. HIPAA Compliancy is one of the most important aspects of data privacy as it relates to printing PHI (Personal Health Information). Protecting privacy and personal data mitigates the risk of costly incidents, reputational harm, regulatory penalties, and other harms.

What is Spectra doing?
We have been participating in annual HIPAA/HITECH Security Risk Assessments since 2014. The assessments are conducted to evaluate the compliance of systems, policies and procedures against 18 Standards and 44 Implementation Specifications. The review includes:

  • Interviews with key staff members where risks are assessed
  • Risks relating to administrative, physical and technical implementation specifications for securing personal health information
  • Current controls and new controls are assessed with procedural policies
  • Meeting all compliance requirements as technical, procedural or legislative changes occur

We realize that managing data exposes us to personal information on a daily basis. It is our goal to prevent breaches that hurt businesses or individuals and to maintain customer trust. We understand that protecting data and privacy is essential to people’s trust in an organization. Because we are a HIPAA compliant PSP, Spectra is uniquely qualified to manage the most secure data programs for any type of business.

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