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book fulfillment

It would be a great understatement to say that the digital revolution has changed the way books are written, published, printed, and distributed. Despite predictions by some that the printed book would be replaced by the glowing screens of our devices, books remain an important way to communicate information. Your organization, whatever type of printed materials it produces, can print books more easily than ever before thanks to book fulfillment systems.

Spectra’s Book Fulfillment Service

Spectra’s book fulfillment service takes the learning curve out of printing, inventory management, and shipping for our clients. Each of these aspects of the process has the potential for disaster if mishandled, but in the hands of experts like ours and with the right technology solutions, all three can be incredibly efficient, affordable, and powerful tools on the part of your organization.

Printing your book is the first and most important step in book fulfillment. If the print facility you partner with to print your book is outfitted with inferior equipment, uses inferior inks, paper, and other materials, or otherwise compromises on quality, then the resulting product will be a book that no one is interested in reading, no matter what it actually says. Spectra’s in-house print facility brings the best in technology and experience to your project, producing a high quality book that you can be proud to distribute.

Incredible Flexibility In Managing Inventory For Your Book Fulfillment Projects

Inventory management is a critical area for the finances of book fulfillment. Printing and storing many copies of a book is expensive, but minimum print runs mandated by printers often leave companies with no choice but to print far more copies than they need for current distribution. Spectra offers incredible flexibility in managing inventory for your book fulfillment projects, even offering on-demand printing in order to keep your inventory at a minimum. Our goal is to help you fill your book orders as efficiently as possible and as affordably as possible.

Shipping your books to your customers is the final step in book fulfillment, and Spectra is uniquely positioned to accomplish it. Our digital inventory systems are focused on accuracy, and we conduct multiple checks during the shipping process to ensure that each order is fulfilled correctly and on time. Our book fulfillment services also include processing returns, saving valuable time for your employees and preserving your relationships with customers.

Book Fulfillment is Now Easier with Spectra

With a fully integrated process from printing to shipping, Spectra offers clients an unprecedented level of convenience in book fulfillment. Rather than communicating with multiple companies along the way, you have one phone number to call in order to coordinate your book’s printing, inventory, and shipping needs. And at each stage our team is highly trained and experienced, as well as equipped with the industry’s leading digital tools. 

Spectra is the perfect partner for your book fulfillment needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about this service and to talk specifics about your organization’s projects. We know that our partnership can be an incredibly profitable one, allowing you to accomplish your publishing and distribution goals more effectively than ever before.


What is book fulfillment?
Book fulfillment is when books are printed and bound and shipped to their destinations. They can be shipped to publishers, readers or the author. Book fulfillment can also be done by book printing-on-demand.
What is book printing-on-demand?
Book printing on demand is a process that allows publishers and authors to print smaller runs of books, and you only have to order the number of books that you need.
Is book printing on demand part of the fulfillment process?
Yes, book printing on demand allows for the ordering of the exact number of books that orders have been placed for and the shipping is handled by the book fulfillment provider.
Can book fulfillment be done online?
Book fulfillment can be done online through online storefronts or portals. Orders are placed online, the books are printed on demand and shipped to the supplied addresses.
Can you utilize special printing techniques in book fulfillment?
Yes. Most book fulfillment is manufactured as print-on-demand as orders are placed, and they are typically smaller runs that are printed on digital presses. Digital presses have the capabilities of specialty printing techniques that are not available on traditional offset presses.
What is an advantage of print-on-demand book fulfillment?
It’s fast. There is less set up time and faster turnaround times.
How can you save money with book fulfillment?
Publishers and authors can order smaller quantities of books and have less expense upfront. This can allow for tests within the marketplace without placing a large order.
Is it possible to warehouse books with book fulfillment?
Most book fulfillment centers are more than willing to print books in advance and store them until orders are placed.
How does book fulfillment reduce shipping costs?
With book print-on-demand, the printing company typically ships directly to the end customer and this eliminates the cost of shipping pallets or boxes to a publisher.
What are some of the special printing techniques that can be used with digital presses in book fulfillment?
Book print-on-demand affords special coatings such as gloss, soft touch laminate and sleeking. Add some extra protection to your publication by using a UV coating such as gloss, satin or even a pattern.

Spectra’s Charleston Fulfillment Center

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