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The value proposition for giving away corporate promo items as a marketing strategy has been proven many times over. Within the four walls of your own home, it’s extremely likely that there are pens, water bottles, t-shirts, phone accessories, and other items that were given to you at a special event of some kind–all of them carrying the name and logo of a business that is interested in staying in touch with you.

If you’ve already made promotional item giveaways a part of your business’s marketing campaigns, you may have already realized that not all promo fulfillment options are the same. The list of potential issues is large, ranging from printing errors to shipping delays that threaten to sabotage a time-sensitive promotion. Even if everything is the right price, is printed correctly, and arrives on time, the merchandise itself may be of such poor quality that you are uncomfortable allowing it to represent your brand to the public.

As an expert with decades of success in promo fulfillment, Spectra is the ideal partner for producing and shipping your corporate promo items. Our credentials with the Advertising Specialty Institute give you assurance that we have the knowledge and equipment in house to create promotional products that you are proud to give away to potential customers and clients.

As you begin to explore your options for promo fulfillment with Spectra, you will find that our Logo Mall offers an enormous range of popular, eye-catching, and effective products, all waiting for your company or nonprofit’s logo to be beautifully imprinted on them. From wearables to drinkware to tech/phone accessories, your creativity will be sparked as you browse the Logo Mall to find the merchandise that is perfect for your upcoming special events–or simply that you want to keep in stock at all times to hand out to the folks who come through your front office.

Creating your corporate promo items is just the beginning. The other core component of promo fulfillment is getting each shipment of those items to your office on time and undamaged. As leaders in the fulfillment space across a range of different industries, Spectra is well positioned to handle the inventory, packing, and shipping of your promotional items with accuracy and reliability.

Our highly experienced staff uses powerful technologies to manage every step of your promo fulfillment process, which minimizes the potential for mistakes with your orders and also reduces costs, making your services more affordable than ever before. With the experts handling these details on your behalf, you and your team are free to focus on meeting the needs of your customers and planning your next highly effective campaign.

To speak with our experts about your promo fulfillment needs and to learn about the many options available in our Logo Mall, get in touch with us today. When done right, promo fulfillment allows you to place your branding in the offices and homes of your business contacts for many years to come, maximizing your advertising budget to an incredible degree. Spectra is ready to power your next marketing campaign to success!


What is a promotional product considered to be?
When products and merchandise have a company’s logo, name, or slogan on them, they are considered to be promotional products. These products and merchandise are used in a variety of marketing and communication programs. The main idea is to increase brand awareness.
What are some examples of different types of promotional items?
Companies are able to use so many different promotional methods these days with all the printing advancements that have been made. Some examples would be promotional pens, tote bags, coffee cups, hats, apparel, stress balls, notepads, and more.
What is considered an effective promotional item?
The key part of effective promotional products is that they are actually useful for the one who receives them. So when the target market sincerely wants to bring your promotional product home, then you have found a winning item. Think of practical uses. Items such as tech products, kitchen items, and writing instruments are go-to options.
What are the most frequently used promotional items?
USB drives, earbuds, pen holders, apparel, coffee mugs, message pads, and magnets are the most common yet great promotional giveaways. Desk products in particular are great giveaways so those really need to be considered first. You’ll know it’s working when it stays on their desk for more than two days.
How do promotional giveaways work?
Traditionally, giveaways are just simple contests where, through a random method of selection, someone receives a free prize. This will probably always be an effective marketing option because everyone loves free stuff. Usually, not everyone is eligible, making the products harder to get so they are more valuable.
How are promotional items promoted?
There are a variety of different ways that promotional items are promoted. For example, loyal customers can be offered special introductory offers or exclusive previews. Some go-to outlets are social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. Email is another great option. You can even host an event or write a blog post about the promotion.
What is a promotional fulfillment company?
Fulfillment companies oversee the entire process that goes on behind the scenes from the time that a customer places their order to the moment that they hold the product in their hands. Promotional products are just one of the things that they feature. They manage warehouses to receive and store the goods, pick and pack orders, ship them, and manage returns.
What do marketing support services consist of?
Each third-party logistics provider (3PL) will have its own offerings. For Spectra, the foundation of our business comes from our ability to provide marketing support services to lots of different professionals. This includes marketing agencies, marketing managers, and even professionals in the promotional product industry, among others. We are also very experienced in event support, marketing logistics, and handling promotional item products. We are comfortable working with the deadlines, multiple moving parts and various vendors that a successful campaign requires.
Why should I partner with a promotional fulfillment company?
Ask yourself this. Did you start your business with a vision that includes managing inventory, picking and packing, shipping, and managing returns? Chances are you did not. You had a vision of getting your product “out there”. To do that, you will need to focus on growth. What better way to focus on growth than to outsource your fulfillment needs? This saves both time and money.
When is it a good time to get a promotional fulfillment company involved?
We recommend getting in contact with one of our fulfillment experts when you are still in the planning stage of your promotional program. We can then make recommendations. If you aren’t equipped with the resources to handle all the work that goes on to accurately and timely ship every one of your customer’s orders, then it’s time to partner with a 3PL like Spectra.

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