It Pays to Be Under Pressure!

October 23, 2019 , 963 views No Comments

Pressure seal mailings offer a cost-effective way to create, process and deliver mailed pieces without an envelope—and they don’t have to be ugly! Custom designs are not a problem and you can deliver your message with full color printing on both sides.

Pressure seal is a one-page, self-sealing document—such as a form or a check—that runs through a machine that will fold and seal the document. The forms are first printed and then fed through the folder/sealer machine at a very rapid rate. Unlike other types of mailers, a pressure seal document is sealed through pressure. Folding aligns patterns of cohesive, which is applied to the edges of the form during manufacturing. When the folded form passes through a series of sealing rollers that apply pressure, the cohesive is activated creating the seal. You can actually fold one and hit it with a hammer for the same effect.

Your message will get the attention it deserves and pressure seal mailings have a very high opening rate of 96%. Pressure seal mailings can be extremely beneficial when sending very sensitive, confidential or time sensitive information. Pressure seal is HIPPA compliant and the most secure way to mail. So, come on, put your message under pressure, increase your response rate and lose the envelope. Reduce your mailing costs!

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