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What Are Reverse Logistics Services?

The term “reverse logistics services” encompasses a wide range of shipping activities that flow in the opposite direction from traditional logistics services–that is, from the end user to the fulfillment center or even the manufacturer. These activities include customer returns, unsold merchandise, seasonal marketing materials, return of equipment needed on a temporary basis, and others. Spectra’s fulfillment center is staffed and equipped to handle even complex reverse logistics needs with the same efficiency that our fulfillment clients have learned to expect from us.

Reverse Logistics Services with Spectra

Spectra has long provided reverse logistics services as a core part of our full-service order management and fulfillment system. Our online storefront offering not only gives clients a powerful, user-friendly method for kitting and shipping materials to retail partners, but also makes it easy for those partners to return items, whether they be unused marketing products, signage, or inventory left unsold at the end of a promotional period.

Having a reverse logistics company that can efficiently and accurately restock items or move them on to the manufacturers is a powerful asset for companies that regularly need to receive items back from retail partners.

Return of Products

Product returns are an important category of logistics that should not be ignored. A successfully handled return can boost customer satisfaction, while frustration over returns has the potential to ruin solid customer relationships.

Common Challenges with Returns

  • Poor customer support by phone or email
  • Incorrect packing, leading to damage in transit
  • Failure to correctly process returned goods
  • Restocking and accurately logging as inventory
  • Inspection for “wear and tear” on returned equipment

With over 18 years of experience, Spectra ensures that these issues do not harm your relationships with your end customers during the return process.

Why Is Reverse Logistics Important?

Getting your marketing materials and consumer products to your B2B customers is obviously critical, but it is only part of the total logistics journey. Reverse logistics is important for:

  • Retaining customer loyalty following a negative experience
  • Streamlining the distribution, restocking, and reuse of marketing materials
  • Extending the service life of equipment and reusable promotional items
  • Maintaining a positive, communicative relationship with end customers

Our Reverse Logistics Services Include:

  • Including return shipping labels and packing materials with shipments to make returns as simple as possible
  • Friendly, capable customer service representatives
  • Expert restocking and reliable updating of inventory
  • Careful, thorough inspection of returned equipment and storage in a safe environment

As your reverse logistics company, Spectra provides these and other advantages to your organization to strengthen your fulfillment activities.

Spectra’s Full Range of Services

A priority for reverse logistics companies is to maximize the resources of the client organization–that is, the marketing materials, equipment, and inventory that it ships to and receives from retail partners. Find out how Spectra can help you with these and other critical fulfillment and reverse logistics services.