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Should I wear a Face Covering Out in Public?

Studies show that people can spread coronavirus even if they don’t have symptoms (called asymptomatic) or before they have symptoms (called presymptomatic). In fact, you… Read More

Six Ways to Practice Social Distancing

As public health officials learn more about the coronavirus disease, they continue to encourage social distancing as the best way to curb its spread. The… Read More

Now Offering Disposable Menus

Disposable single-use menus are the perfect choice to help protect your dining rooms from the spread of the corona virus. These menus are the safest… Read More

Helping Local Restaurants Advertise During COVID-19

The restaurant industry is probably one of the worst casualties of COVID-19. Along with salons and gyms, restaurants were forced to cease serving seated customers… Read More

Print is Essential.

8 areas that you may not know how print is used. #1 Public Health Health & safety information from the government Mass public information campaign… Read More