Print On Demand Books Services With Spectra


Printing larger projects such as books and booklets has traditionally been an expensive endeavor for organizations, due to the way most print facilities are structured. Printing a “small run” of books, rather than thousands of copies, costs much more per book and often becomes prohibitively expensive for an organization looking to print just a few dozen or hundreds of copies.

Spectra, with an incredibly agile and digitally powered print system, dramatically lowers the cost for print on demand books and makes it possible for publishers, companies, and nonprofits to get the number of books or booklets they need at a price that’s well within their budget.

How Print on Demand Book Printing Works

Rather than paying to print thousands of copies and then having to keep them in stock, custom book printing allows the client to print, inventory, and distribute only the number of books that they need. Custom booklet printing is ideal for seasonal or one-time campaigns, where leftover copies would represent wasted printing costs and inventory shelf space. Contact us to find out how affordable and convenient print on demand books are with Spectra!

Why Spectra’s Print on Demand Books is the Best Way for Custom Book Printing

The printing industry did not develop with one-time, limited scope projects in mind. Rather, printing presses have mainly been built with the intention of producing many thousands of copies of the same book or booklet, with the cost per copy decreasing with the size of the order. This leaves organizations facing very high costs if they need to print a relatively small run of books. Custom book printing for commemorative events, public education campaigns, or a self-publishing project are rarely affordable, particularly if high quality is a non-negotiable.

Spectra specializes in print on demand books that are high quality, affordable, and completely flexible as far as run sizes. Find out how our system can streamline your next book printing project.

Benefits of Print on Demand Custom Book Printing

Why work with Spectra for print on demand books? When you work with our expert team and our state-of-the-art in-house print facility, you get access to the highest quality in printing for your custom book or booklet, including specialized techniques such as metallic ink, gloss laminate, spot UV, and much more.

A huge advantage to partnering with Spectra for your custom book printing needs is the end-to-end fulfillment system that can be used to get your book to its end users. Using the same experienced, technology driven provider for your printing and fulfillment services reduces costs and delays for the client dramatically.

How Much Does it Cost to Print a Book?

Pricing for custom book printing and custom booklet printing projects vary based on many different criteria. Our print experts are ready to assess your project, let you know what options you have for cover style, binding, paper quality, specialty inks, and other factors, and help you decide on the perfect combination for your project. Contact Spectra today to find out how your print on demand books can be both affordable and top quality.

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