Your Fulfillment Outsourcing Questions—Answered

It is vital to the success of any fulfillment solution to research potential fulfillment providers. If your company is at a crisis point or just coming to the conclusion that there must be a more efficient way to accomplish fulfillment, it is responsible for you to get a clear and accurate picture of your fulfillment needs and educate yourself about the capabilities of potential fulfillment partners. You do not want a poor partnership to influence your opinion about every fulfillment solution provider out there.

A Question of Quality

Fulfillment is such a complex topic that many outsourcing companies simply don’t have the capability on staff to handle every step with accuracy, speed, and affordability. Since this is a blogpost and not a movie, we won’t feel bad about giving you a spoiler right at the start. You have to choose a fulfillment solution provider with the experience and technology to do the job right.

Question 1: Does a Fulfillment Company Really Understand How My Company Works?

As you picture working with a fulfillment company to get marketing materials into the hands of your employees, you may be anticipating that you will need to adjust to that company’s existing system—learn a restrictive new piece of software, teach all of your employees how to order materials, maybe even change the look and layout of your materials so that the outsourcing company can print them correctly.

The answer?Spectra works to accurately understand your fulfillment needs. We can then integrate data management systems, or simple order processes as needed to provide a specialized fulfillment solution for your situation.

Question 2: If Mistakes Happen, Aren’t I the One that Looks Bad?How can outsourcing fulfillment make me look good and support my brand?

Handling fulfillment in-house can easily lead to sending the wrong set of materials to the wrong recipients, spoiling a time-sensitive advertising campaign and creating a huge distraction to your company’s growth. Your company does not have the talent and training to perfect its printing, data integration, inventory, kitting, and shipping processes.

The best solution is to locate that rare fulfillment outsourcing service that has been in the business for decades, has constructed a foolproof system that doesn’t let mistakes slip through the cracks, and has the expertise necessary to get the right materials to the right location at the right time—every time.

Question 3: Won’t We Save Money by Doing It Ourselves?

It is difficult to imagine the company that, in addition to its core business, could sustain a fully developed fulfillment department featuring:

  • State-of-the-art digital print and expert printing personnel
  • Reliable, consistent branding across substrates and promotional items
  • Efficient inventory and warehousing
  • High-powered data integration
  • Accurate, fast pick-and-pack and kitting services
  • A shipping and direct mail department with decades of experience and volume discounts

Each of these topics requires specialized hardware, software, and training, and coordinating all of the activities to function as a single unit is another topic in itself! Compare the cost of developing this complex system with the convenience of putting our established, experienced company to work for you, and the choice becomes clear.

All Fulfillment Companies Are Not the Same

It is time to educate yourself about the abilities of a fulfillment outsourcing company to accurately, effectively serve their you at affordable rates. It takes a huge amount of expertise and equipment to provide a successful fulfillment solution the right way. Fortunately, Spectra Integration has been assembling just those assets for decades, and today it is that rare company that truly has everything you need for any fulfillment solution.