What is Kitting Without Spectra?

What is kitting without Spectra Integration? We feel that it is not nearly as efficient or powerful as it has the potential to be. Our team here at Spectra has so much to offer in the areas of technology, experience, coordination between print and fulfillment activities, and inventory management that it represents an incredible opportunity for any business to revolutionize its B2B fulfillment system. One of the most important tools that Spectra Integration has ever offered to its clients, the Zenith online storefront system, is now available and “open for business.”

Here’s an introduction to the system and how it promises to change the way you fulfill orders for good.

What is Zenith?

Zenith, our all-in-one, fully customized online storefront system, is designed to streamline communication between your company and the B2B clients who use your marketing materials. Here’s how it works from the beginning to the end of the process:

What’s Available

One of the first steps in the kitting and fulfillment process is letting your end-users know just what materials are available to them. With Zenith, each of those users sees an intuitive website that displays all of your available materials in a highly organized manner. Beyond the basics of showing the different types of materials and explaining their applications, your customized Zenith storefront can offer different sets of materials to different tiers of users. These tiers are set through the use of unique usernames and passwords, and the storefront manager indicates what materials each user has access to. This gives manufacturing companies and other clients the ability to supply every B2B client with the materials best suited to their needs.

Placing Orders

Placing orders through a Zenith storefront is as easy as shopping on the best online retail websites. Secure, safe, and reliable, the system is open for business 24 hours a day and can be optimized for mobile devices as well as standard computer screens. Offering these levels of convenience for your B2B users means that they will be more connected with your company, more involved with using your marketing materials to reach their customers, and ultimately more successful in partnering with you to sell your products to the public.

Collecting and Using Data

Once your unique Zenith online storefront has been active for a while, you and your Spectra Integration team will be able to create valuable reports about past orders. These reports will help us anticipate inventory needs, stock your materials more efficiently, and save you even more money on fulfillment activities.

What Kitting Does

When the orders placed through the Zenith online storefront arrive at our facility, the kitting process determines how successful the B2B fulfillment chain will actually be. No matter how intuitive and streamlined the ordering process is, it will not be a success unless it is supported by kitting speed and accuracy. Our inventory management and kitting activities are driven by digital technologies that help us keep the right items in stock in the appropriate quantities, pull the right items for each kit, customize those items when necessary, pack each kit for damage-free transport, and double-check for accuracy before shipping the kit to the user. By reducing the factor of human error, we ensure that users receive the exact materials that they ordered in plenty of time for their next advertising campaign.

An additional driver of efficiency is our streamlined system for returning and restocking unused and reusable materials. We make it as easy as possible for the user to repack and return materials (when applicable) at the end of a campaign, checking their condition and placing them back in stock in preparation for the next order.

What is Kitting Without Spectra?

Without taking advantage of the incredible efficiency and all-in-one service that the Zenith online storefront system has to offer, we believe that a company with a complex set of kitting and fulfillment needs is probably spending too much money and time on those needs. Allow the professionals at Spectra Integration to put the power of digital inventory, kitting experience, and 24-hour online ordering to work for your company.

You can learn more about Zenith, our full-service digital print facility, and our solutions for the entire fulfillment chain on our website or in person. Send us an email today and tell us about your needs!